Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Get Bronze Ingot

A Rift in Time expansion introduces new refined materials in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Bronze Ingot is the new refined material that can be crafted at the crafting station. The players who own A Rift in Time expansion can craft the Bronze Ingot in Eternity Isle. Bronze Ingot is utilized to craft Mechanical parts at the Crafting Station. The players can sell the Bronze Ingot for 95 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall.

How to Get Bronze Ingot Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Craft Bronze Ingot in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Collecting Crafting Recipes

Bronze Ingot will be crafted at any crafting station. The players have to collect the crafting recipe from the Eternity Isle. The ingredients required for crafting the Bronze Ingot are the following.

  • 4xCopper
  • 1xTin
  • 1xCoalOre

How to get Copper

Copper being a Foraging material can be found in the Eternity Isle. Copper can be found inside the Copper rocks. There are a total of three biomes in Eternity Isle and each of them contains the Copper rocks that have Copper in them. Simply find the Copper Rocks and start mining them with the help of Upgraded Pickaxe. Each time the player mines the Copper rock, 1x copper will be collected and it will be added to the Foraging collection in Eternity Isle.

Bronze Ingot Crafting Recipes

To break the Larger Copper rocks, the Pickaxe has to be more powerful. To make the Pickaxe powerful, the player must upgrade it more. The player must craft the Large Copper Rocks Pickaxe potion that will upgrade the Pickaxe and make it to its powerful version. For crafting the Large Copper Rocks Pickaxe potion, the players must have the following crafting ingredients in the inventory. Collect 4x Copper from the Glittering Dunes.

How to Get Tin

Tin can be found in the nodes present in the Glittering Dunes. Tin being a Foraged material will only be collected while mining the Rocks. Simply equip the Pickaxe and start breaking the rocks to obtain the Tin.

How to Get Tin Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each time Mining the nodes will give you 1xTin. Tin is a silver metal that is used for crafting many refined materials and is also required in time quests expansion and friendship quests.

How to get Coal Ore

Coal Ore can be obtained by mining the nodes. Coal Ore can be found in the Dreamlight Valley. The areas that contain the Coal Ore are the following.

  • Peaceful Meadow
  • Dazzle Beach
  • Plaza
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Glade of trust
  • Forested Heights

Equip the Pickaxe and start mining the nodes to obtain the Coal Ore. Coal Ore can also be collected by removing the Night Thorns by consuming Dreamlight.

How to Craft Bronze Ingot

Once the players collect all the required material, use any crafting station for crafting the Bronze Ingot. Select the bronze Ingot from refined materials in the crafting recipes and press LMB on the Make Option and crafting of Bronze Ingot will get started. Make sure that you have all the required items for crafting Bronze Ingot.

Players can also craft mechanical parts but players must have Brass Ingots and Bronze Ingots in the Foraging collection.