Disney Dreamlight Valley – A Comedic Proposition Quest

A comedic Proposition quest is Mike’s level 7 quest that will be available upon reaching Mike’s friendship level 7. Upon Unlocking the Laugh Floor Realm will allow the players to invite Mike Wazowski and Sulley to the valley after completing the Escape Claws and Eye on the Prize Quest. New friendship quests will be available from Mike and Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley in Laugh Floor update. Comedic Meet and Greet Decor needs to be crafted to complete Mike’s Level 7 Quest.

A Comedic Proposition Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to complete A Comedic Proposition Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete a Comedic Proposition Quest

To start the quest, talk to Mike Wazowski in the valley and he wants to revolutionize the valley by making the first-ever comedy club in the village. You need to talk to the following candidates for opening the club.

  • Fairy Godmother
  • WALL-E
  • Vanellope

Open the map and see where these characters are roaming in the valley and move towards them and talk to them. Once the dialogue with all the candidates is complete, give your results to Mike. Talk to Sulley this time. Sulley will ask you to collect the following items from the Monsters Inc. Realm.

  • A Whoopee Cushion
  • A Rubber Chicken
  • 10x Laugh Canisters
Disney Dreamlight Valley A Comedic Proposition Quest

Move into the Monsters Inc. Realm by fast travel method and look for All of these items. Laugh Canisters can be found inside the Laugh Canister Pallet. Open the storage and place the Laugh Canisters into your inventory. A Whoopee Cushion can be collected from near the reception desk on the ground.

If there is any glitch while collecting A Whoopee Cushion then restart the game and don’t Fast Travel to Monster Inc. Realm. A rubber chicken is found on the first desk while entering the laugh floor beside the computer.

How to Craft Comedic Meet and Greet Decor

Bring all of these items to Vanellope and move back to Mike to report your progress. You have to craft the Comedic Meet and Greet Decor. To learn the recipe for crafting Comedic Meet and Greet, interact with any crafting station in the valley and select the Comedic Meet and Greet Decor in the Furniture section. You need to collect the following required materials for crafting the Comedic Decor.

  • 10x Fiber
  • 7x Iron Ingot
  • 10x laugh Canister
  • 15x Brick

How to Collect the Required Materials

To craft the Brick, you must have 25x Clay and 5x Coal Ore in your inventory. Clay being a foraged material can be collected from the glade of Trust and Forgotten Lands in the valley by digging the ground with the help of a Royal Shovel. Coal Ore can be collected by mining the nodes by using a pickaxe or removing the night thorns. Collect the required materials and use the crafting station to craft the Brick.

A Comedic Proposition

Fiber being a refined material will be crafted on the crafting station by utilizing 1x Seaweed. Seaweed is found while fishing in the water where there is no sign of ripples or bubbles. To craft the Iron Ingot, you have to gather 5x Iron Ore and 1x Coal Ore. Iron Ore can be collected by mining the nodes in the valley. Collect the materials and start crafting the Iron Ingot.

Upon collecting all the required materials, use any crafting station to craft the Comedic Meet and Greet Decor. Show the crafted Comedic Decor to Mike. Find the perfect place to set it up for the meet and greet. Select the Comedic Meet and Greet Decor from furniture mode and place it in any area in the village. Talk to Mike to be sure that Mike is satisfied with Meet and Greet. For completing the quest, you will be rewarded with a Comedic Meet and Greet Decor.