Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Complete Escape Claws Quest

In The Laugh Floor, the recent update of Disney Dreamlight Valley features the dragon-themed characters Sulley and Mike. You can take their friendship quests and level up your friendship level with them to unlock more exciting stuff. However, players can also take them to the valley permanently and it is even more exciting. Escape Claws Quest is all about taking these characters to the village permanently.

Escape Claws Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, you will see how to complete Escape Claws Quest.

Open the The Monsters, Inc. Realm

To get started with the Escape Claws quest you need to unlock The Monsters, Inc. Realm in Dream Castle. Heads to the Dream Castle and get inside it. Make your way to the third floor and open the first door. This door will cost you 15,000 Dreamlight, a one-time payment to get unlocked. On opening it you find yourself inside The Monsters, Inc. Realm, and the Escape Claws Quest gets started.

Open Door Escape Claws Quest

Inside this realm, there is a large metallic door to the Laugh Floor. You need to get through it on getting scanned from it. As that place is specifically designated for monsters you are not allowed to enter.

Change your appearance to look like a Monster

Now your task is to find the outfit to disguise yourself as a monster so that you can get through this door to reach The Laugh Floor. To figure this out, move back the colorful lockers on the opposite side of the door to retrieve the Lost and Found Monster Wear. There you will find a Monstrous bag, pick it up, and open it. You will find the Bat Wing Ears, Pointed Monster Ears, and Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat. Wear the mentioned Hat and any of the two ears to disguise yourself as a monster. Now you look like a Monster, take a selfie with this costume, and get through the Laugh Floor door. Upon scanning you will be allowed to enter through it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest

Help Sulley to clean the floor

On passing through the door, you will be on The Laugh Floor. There you will see the Sulley and Mike. On interacting with Sulley you will know that he needs your help to clear the floor. There are 8 Slime Puddles and 4 Party Trashs spreading all over the floor. You need to clean that mess. You can use the Watering can to remove the Party Trash and stomp on the piles to clean them. After cleaning all the mess, return to Sulley.

Escape Claws Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Make Coffee for Sulley and Mike

After cleaning the floor, you are tasked to make coffee for both Sulley and Mike. You can easily make the coffee for both of them however different ingredients are used for each drink. Get back to the entrance of The Laugh Floor, there you will see a table with the Coffee Ingredients and the recipes for both pinned on the board behind it. You will get them by interacting with the board.

  • Recipe for Sulley’s Coffee
    • 5x Coffee
  • Recipe for Mike’s Coffee
    • 1x Coffee
    • 3x Sugar
    • 1x Non-dairy Screamer
Make Coffee Escape Claws Quest

You can collect all the required ingredients from the table and use them to make both drinks. Now return to the floor again to complete this part.

Restore the Power on the Laugh Floor

Soon after giving them the drinks, there is a cutscene where the power on the floor fails and Mike gets himself trapped in the Human Realm. At this point, you need to help Sulley to bring the power back on the floor. He asks you to find and bring the Emergency Manual to him. You can easily find it on the blue-colored work desk.

Find and Replace Three Electrical Fuses

In this manual, it is mentioned to replace three damaged fuses and fix the power lines so that power can be restored. You can find the two fuses on the work desk and one on the other side of the room near the workbench. After finding them return to Sulley to replace them in the panel.

Fix Three Fuses Escape Claws Quest

Fix Powerlines

All over the Laugh Floor, 10 powerlines need to be fixed. You can find these black wires easily on the floor with the yellow-colored terminal that needs to be reconnected. For some connections you may get the Laugh Canister carts blocked your way, you can move them to continue fixing. Once all the wires are fixed, the electricity will be restored on the Floor and Mike will be back from the Human Realm.

Fix Power Lines Escape Claws Quest

After rescuing Mike, you tell him that you are not a monster but a human and ask them to pay a visit to the village. After this quest, there will be a new quest named Eye on the Prize, on completing it you can unlock Mike and Sulley and bring them to the valley.