Nightingale – How to Cook Food Items

Exploring the Realms of the Nightingale, the hunger level will be badly affected especially while roaming in the Desert Realm the stamina will decrease gradually. To keep the hunger level and stamina maintained, players have to consume the food from time to time. Keeping the stamina bar and hunger bar at a better position, the players have to Cook the food by using the campfire. Cooking the food items in the nightingale is not that difficult as players must have enough ingredients available in the inventory. The players must know the ways how to cook using a campfire.

Cook Food Items Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Cook in Nightingale.

How to Cook the Food Items

To cook any recipe, first have to build the campfire. Campfire will allow the players to cook several food items, craft refined materials, and craft new items in the game. In the tutorial, players will enter the first Realm of the nightingale which is the forest realm. To build the campfire, players have to gather the 6x Rocks in the inventory. While collecting the Raw berries in the tutorial, players will be able to collect the rocks from the Rocky Mountain area. The rocks will be in groups of 6 to 7 placed on the ground. Build the Campfire using the required materials by opening the guidebook.

To Cook any food items, players have to ignite the campfire. The materials that will be used as an ignitor in the campfire are Plant fiber, Wood, and Sticks. Any of these items will be used for the ignition process. Plant fiber and sticks can be obtained by harvesting the bushes in any of the realms. Wood can be obtained by cutting trees with the help of Axe. Chopping the trees will provide the players with wood.

How to Cook Food Nightingale

Once the players get the required materials for igniting the campfire, Press “E” to interact with the campfire. The campfire fuel option will appear on the screen. Drop any of the gathered items from the inventory into the fuel slots. If the players drop less quantity of the items to fuel slots, then the fire will not last long. To get the fire for the maximum time, players have to use a greater number of items. The players can close the ignition process by pressing the ESC button. The players can also see the time on the screen just above the fuel slots.

Cooking the Food items

To cook any food items, interact with the campfire and select any food to cook from the cooking section. Select the ingredients from the slots and press the “R” key to cook the selected food item. The food will be cooked in the meantime. The Food item that will be cooked can be seen from the right side of the screen.

Nightingale Cook Food

The players can also cook the Raw berries using the campfire. The raw berries will be collected during the tutorial. The roasted berries will be prepared when cooking the Raw berries. Raw berries can be gathered by harvesting the bushes in the forest realm. To get the roasted berries, players have to use 5 Raw Berries. It will take 25 seconds to cook the raw berries. Once the players cook the roasted berries, they will be added to the off-hand or inventory. Players can directly consume the food from the inventory when cooked at the campfire.