Nightingale – How to Deconstruct and Move Items

Making progress in Nightingale urges the players to collect items and materials, complete the main story quest, and build the base in the Realm to place the items and structures in it. The players have to Deconstruct and Move Items in the Realms of Nightingale. Sometimes, players will be required to deconstruct the structure and move the items from one place to another. To make new structures and deconstruct the old structures, players have to know the keywords for that.

Deconstruct and Move Items Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to Deconstruct and Move Items in Nightingale.

How to Deconstruct and Move Items

Deconstructing and moving the items allow the players to make further progress in the game by breaking old structures and moving any material or item from its origin to another place. It is complicated for the beginner of this game to move any kind of item or break the structure. Press the X button on your keyboard and doing this will enter you into the build mode. Some new options will be available at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to perform several tasks. The new options that will be available at the bottom of the screen are the following.

  • Copy
  • Move
  • Remove

If you want to copy any structure or item, Press the “Q” button on it and it will make a copy of that specific item or materials and you can place it in any area. Approach any item and materials, and press the “R” button to move that item and move to another place to drop it. To deconstruct and remove any item or any wooden structure, hold the “V” button on it and players can see the Rubbish bin icon in the middle of the screen. The wooden structure will break eventually.

Nightingale Deconstruct and Move Items

Simply approach any wooden structure like a crude door and hold the V button in front of it and after taking some time, the crude door will break. If you want to close the deconstruction progress, Pressing the “E” button will stop the deconstruction progress. Deconstructing the structure like a Crude door will drop the Sticks (Crude), Plant fiber, and Wood Bundle. Try all these options in the Forest and swamp realm to remove the item, copy any material, or move any item from its place. That’s how you deconstruct and move the items in the Realms of Nightingale.