Pacific Drive – How to Get a 9v Battery & Steel Sheet

Leaving the apocalyptic Northwest region with the help of a vehicle is necessary for the Pacific Drive. The Northwest region is filled with a lot of resources and items that can be crafted by different means that will be further utilized in repairing the vehicle to escape the Northwest region. One of the essential materials that players have to get is a 9V battery which is used in vehicles. The player’s vehicles will be out of battery and to start the vehicle 9v battery is required. A 9V battery is utilized in many other materials as well.

Battery & Steel Sheet Pacific Drive

Here’s the Guide on How to Get a 9V Battery & Steel Sheet in Pacific Drive.

How to Get a 9V Battery

The players have to get a 9V battery at the beginning of the game. Destroying the electronic devices in the Northwest region will surely fill the player’s inventory with a 9V battery. Equip the scrapper from behind Oppy’s auto shop in the Northwest region. Players can find the scrapper in the dumpster, placed on the backside of the Mechanical Vehicle workshop. Equip the scrapper and start cutting the electronic devices like computers and radios in ARDA containers. Destroying the radio will surely drop the 9V battery.

Breaking the computer and other devices sometimes drops the 9V battery, but breaking the radio has a high spawn rate of a 9V battery. The players can also find the 9V battery randomly from the crates. Move into the civilian containers and trunks and equip the scrapper to destroy every electronic device like computer panels, radios, and crates found in the Northwest region.

Chopping the broken vehicle will not drop any 9V battery but it will drop other items like Glass shrouds, Duct tape, and Scrap Metal. Destroying only electronic devices, especially radios and crates will drop the 9v battery.

How to Get Steel Sheet

The players can unlock the Steel sheet by using the fabrication station in the Northwest region. The Fabrication station will be available in the garage. Interact with the Fabrication station, move into the refine section, and select the steel sheet from the list. Exit from the fabrication station and the Steel Sheet blueprint will drop from the fabrication station’s vault. Pick up the blueprint to learn the Steel Sheet.

Pacific Drive Battery & Steel Sheet

Now the Steel sheet is unlocked, use the workbench in the garage to craft the steel sheet. To craft the Steel sheet, players must have 6x Scrap Metal in the inventory. Scrap Metal can be obtained by chopping the vehicle’s door. 1x Steel sheet will be crafted by using 6x Scrap Metals. Steel Sheet is a durable metal that is used in panels, doors, and other bodywork of the vehicle.