Pacific Drive – How to Get Scrapper

Leaving the apocalyptic Northwest region with the help of a vehicle is necessary for the Pacific Drive. The Northwest region is filled with a lot of resources and items that can be crafted by different means that will be further utilized in repairing the vehicle to escape the Northwest region. The Scrapper is one of the tools that is used for chopping vehicles to obtain essential materials like Metal Scrap, Duct Tape, and Glass Shrouds. Getting the Scrapper will let the players get more valuable materials for repairing the vehicle.

Scrapper Pacific Drive

Here’s the guide on how to get Scrapper in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Scrapper

The players can obtain the Scrapper by crafting it using the workbench. Workbench is a kind of station in Pacific Drive that will allow the players to craft new refined materials. The players can interact with the workbench to craft materials and also the Craft Matt which can be found from the truck of the vehicle standing around the Oppy’s auto shop near the friendly dumpster. To craft the Scrapper, players have to collect the 6x Plastic and 3x _Metal Scraps from the region of Northwest.

Plastic can be obtained from the friendly dumpster. Obtain the required materials and start crafting the Scrapper using the workbench. Metal Scraps can also be obtained from the containers available in the buildings. Sometimes the players can get the Metal Scrap from there but not always.

How to get Scrapper Pacific Drive

Finding Scrapper

A scrapper is a tool that is used to destroy or chop metal materials into pieces, especially vehicles. Scrappers can be found around the vehicle’s mechanical workshop. The scrapper will be found inside the rubbish bin (Friendly Dumpster) in the backyard of the workshop. Once the players get the scrapper, start chopping or destroying the vehicles into pieces by using the scrapper. Explore the Northwest region to find the Vehicle’s Mechanical shop and find the Scrapper from the bin or Friend Dumpster placed around Oppy’s auto shop.

Finding Scrapper Pacific Drive

Durability of Scrapper

The players will be using the Scrapper often more for chopping the vehicles to get valuable items but players have to keep an eye on the durability of the Scrapper. Once the durability of the Scrapper is relatively low, the Scrapper will break immediately. Once the Scrapper is broken, players have to find another scrapper from the other auto shop and the empty buildings. Find the Friendly Dumpster from the areas of the Northwest and equip the Scrapper.