Pacific Drive – How to Get Prybar

Escaping the apocalyptic Northwest region with the help of a vehicle is necessary for the Pacific Drive. The Northwest region is filled with a lot of resources and items that can be crafted by different means that will be further utilized in repairing the vehicle to escape the Northwest region. One of the starting materials that players have to obtain is Prybar. To lay hands on other resources players have to Get Prybar and use it to get access to the locked trunks of the vehicle and locked containers in the buildings.

Prybar Pacific Drive

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Prybar in Pacific Drive.

How to Obtain Prybar

There are two methods to get Prybar at the beginning of the game. Prybar being one of the starting tools can be crafted using the workbench in the vehicle mechanical shop. The players will be repairing their vehicle from time to time and obtaining the prybar will let the players to get to unlock the trunks and any other locks. The workbench will be available in the auto shop and move into these shops and search for the workbench.

Upon finding the workbench, interact with it and players can see the many refined materials that can be crafted using its recipe. Search for the Prybar in the list of resources. To craft the Prybar, players have to collect the following required materials from the region of the northwest.

Scrap metal can be found be chopping vehicles found anywhere in the region of the Northwest. Upon collecting all the required materials, use the workbench to craft the prybar.

The other easy and fast method to get the prybar is by hovering over the vehicle’s mechanical shop and finding the toolbox in the shop. The players will get into an unexpected adventure when exploring the Olympic Peninsula. The players will make an entrance to Oppy’s mechanical workshop by driving the broken vehicle, which is found on the way.

Pacific Drive Prybar

When the players just make an entrance, they can see the toolbox placed on the shelf along with the two storage boxes. Open the toolbox and collect the prybar from it. The toolbox will also contain some other resources like Duct Tape that should be collected and stored in the inventory.

The players will be opening the trunks of the vehicle and the locker found anywhere on the roads or in the building with the help of Prybar. However, the durability of the prybar is low and eventually, it will break after some time. The players have to keep moving into these vehicles’ mechanical workshops to collect resources like Prybar to use them in the journey of the Pacific Drive.