Pacific Drive – How to Get Scrap Metal

Exiting the apocalyptic Northwest region with the help of a vehicle is necessary for the Pacific Drive. The Northwest region is filled with a lot of resources and items that can be crafted by different means that will be further utilized in repairing the vehicle to escape the Northwest region. Scrap Metal is the essential item that players have to obtain at the initial stages of the game. Scrap Metal is used to craft the vehicle’s necessary parts, new refined materials, and items using the workbench found in the Vehicle’s mechanical workshop and craft matt in the vehicle.

Scrap Metal Pacific Drive

Here’s the guide on how to get Scrap Metal in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Scrap Metal

The players can collect the Scrap Metal by chopping the vehicles found on the roads and around the buildings. Chopping the vehicles with the scrapper will not only provide the players with Scrap Metal but also with other essential materials as well. The best method for farming Scrap Metal is by destroying the vehicle into pieces, first unlocking the trunk of the vehicle with the help of Prybar so that other materials in the trunks should not be destroyed.

How to get Scrap Metal Pacific Drive

A scrapper is a tool that is used to destroy or chop metal materials into pieces, especially vehicles. Scrappers can be found around the vehicle’s mechanical workshop. The scrapper will be found inside the rubbish bin (Friendly Dumpster) in the backyard of the workshop. Once the players get the scrapper, start chopping or destroying the vehicles especially doors, trunks, and bonnets into pieces by using the scrapper.

Pacific Drive Scrap Metal

The players will be enriched with the metal scraps when dealing with the broken vehicles. Start chopping from the bonnet of the vehicle and end with the trunk of the vehicle. The other way to farm the Scrap Metal is by looting the rubbish bins found around the buildings in the Northwest region. If the players are lucky, they will obtain Scrap Metal from the garbage can.

Another method to achieve the Scrap Metal is by looting the bunkers inside the buildings of the regions. If the bunker is locked, players can use the Prybar to unlock it and collect the Scrap Metal if found. Simply equip the scrapper and start cutting the vehicles with it to get the Scrap Metal or start looting the containers in the buildings to farm the Scrap Metal to get the materials like Gear.