Pacific Drive – How to Get Gear

One of the essential materials that players have to get is Gear which will be further used to obtain the Impact Hammer. The Northwest region is filled with a lot of resources and items that can be crafted by different means that will be further utilized in repairing the vehicle to escape the Northwest region. Gear can be obtained by various means but players have to choose the method which will lead to farming the gear quickly. The players have to Get gear to craft new recipes using the workbench in the Auto shop or craft matt available in the trunk of the vehicle.

Gear Pacific Drive

Here’s the guide on how to get Gear in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Gear

To obtain the materials like plasma in Pacific drive, players have to get an Impact hammer which will be crafted by using the Gear. Gear is the essential material that can be obtained sometimes by chopping the vehicle parts like the door, bonnet, and trunk with the help of Scrapper. If the players are lucky enough, they can also get the gear by looting the beakers or big locked containers inside the buildings. Each of these methods will somehow let the players get Gear but players must have an efficient method for farming the gear.

The players can get the gear by using the workbench at Oppy’s auto shop in the Northwest region. To craft the gear with the help of a workbench, players have to collect the Scrap Metal. 1x Gear will be crafted when utilizing 3x Scrap Metal. The players have to collect the blueprint of the Gear which will placed in the Auto shop.

Pacific Drive Gear

Scrap metal can be obtained by destroying the damaged vehicles by using the Scrapper. The players can also obtain the Scrap Metal by looting the lock containers in the buildings. Use the Prybar to open the locked containers and trunks of the vehicles.

Once the players collect the required materials, interact with the workbench or use the Craft Matt available in the trunk of the damaged vehicle. Select the recipe for Gear from the popup list and craft the Gear. The players can also get the Gear from the friendly Dumpster in the backyard of the auto shop. Loot all kinds of containers inside the buildings including ARDA vessels.

Use the Craft Mat Inside the Car or Workbench in the Garage to Craft the Gear from Scrap Metal. Use the Gear to craft the Impact Hammer using the workbench or Craft Mat.