Nightingale- How to Get Plant Fiber

One of the early resources that players have to get is Plant Fiber. Plant fiber is the essential material that players have to obtain to craft new makeshift items like Hunting Knives, mining Pick, Sickle, Torch, and wood Axe. The plant fiber should be collected in the early hours of the game to use in crafting or building new items. The figure of the plant fiber varies from Realms to Realms. It is a bit difficult to get Plant fiber as the impression of the Plant fiber changes. Collecting other materials rather than plant fiber is easy as their appearances do not change from place to place like wood and sticks.

Plant Fiber Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Plant Fiber in Nightingale.

How to get Plant Fiber

The players will find the Plant Fiber (Crude) in the realms of the nightingale at the beginning and most of the time. Plant fiber appearance changed in each realm. The plant fiber will be collected by harvesting the bushes. In the Desert Byway Realm, players will collect the Sticks (Crude) and Plant fiber (Crude) as well by simply harvesting the bushes all around the realm. The pinkish bushes will provide the players with Plant fiber. The exact location for getting the plant fiber from the desert realm is at the edge of the river near the portal. The Position for the plant fiber near the varrenjojo is the following.

  • 19, 837. 8
  • 40, 585,.1
  • -9, 609.1

Once the players are close enough to the plant fiber bushes, players can see the green leaf and green hand icon in the middle of the screen, and pressing “E” will collect the Plant fiber from the bushes. The players have to gather a maximum amount of Plant fiber (Crude) as it will be required in crafting new items and valuable refined materials.

Nightingale Plant Fiber

Explore the different realms of the nightingale to get more plant fiber crude. However, the appearance of the Plant fiber will be the same as the appearance of the plant fiber in the Swamp biome and forest biome. Approach the bushes in each realm and collect if the green hand icon pops up on the screen. There is no fixed location from where you can get the Plant fiber crude. However, players can surely get the plant fiber (crude) version from the desert realm. The players have to get 6x Plant Fiber to build the Bedroll for resting at the initial stages of the game.