Nightingale- How to Craft Axe

A Wooden axe is one of the starting tools that players have to acquire to cut down and chop the trees to obtain the required materials. Surviving in the Nightingale is compulsory to make progress in the game. The players have to build the workbench at the initial stage of the game. The Wood Bundle is required to build the workbench. The Wood bundle can only be obtained by cutting the trees with the help of Makeshift Wood Axe. Obtain the Axe to cut down any tree and any enemy.

Craft Axe Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Craft a Wood Axe in Nightingale.

How to Get Axe

The axe will be crafted after collecting the required materials. To craft the wood axe, players do not have to craft it on the workbench. Simply open the context menu to craft the Axe. The players have to gather the required materials for crafting the axe. The required recipe for crafting the Makeshift Wood Axe is the following.

Plant fiber can be obtained from any realm. To collect the Plant Fiber (Crude) in abundance, move into the desert realm near the portal to collect the Plant Fiber. Simply harvest the reddish bushes near the river to collect the Plant fiber. The players can get the Plant fiber from other Realms as well. Sticks can also be obtained by harvesting the pick bushes in the desert byway realm.

The players have to collect the stick in maximum amounts as sticks will be required to craft new items and tools. These pick bushes can be obtained from other realms as well. Rocks can be obtained by collecting the rocks near the sea or the mountain areas. Collecting 1 set of rocks will provide the players with 4 to 5 rocks. Obtaining the required materials for crafting the Axe is not difficult in the Nightingale.

Axe Nightingale

Once the players collect the required materials for crafting the Axe. Select the Makeshift Wood Axe from the crafting section in the guidebook. The guidebook can be explored by opening the context menu. A sub-category will appear after selecting the guidebook. Select the Craft option to obtain the Wooden Axe. The Axe will be used often more than the other tools and the players have to repair the Axe from time to time otherwise axe can break. Equip the axe to get the Wood bundle to further craft the Workbench.