Nightingale – How to Build Workbench

Nightingale is a survival PC game that is a development of Infextion Games and was released on February 20, 2024. Building new structures is necessary at the beginning of the game. The Workbench needs to be built at the initial stage of the game to craft items like Fish rods and other valuable refined materials. Surviving Nightingale is necessary as the players have to explore the different regions of the Nightingale. Build the workbench to craft new items.

Build Workbench Nightingale

Here’s the guide on how to build the workbench.

How to build a workbench

Building the workbench is necessary at the initial stages of the game. The players will be able to craft more new recipes when the workbench is placed in the realm of the nightingale. The players have to collect the following required materials to build the workbench.

How to Get Required Materials

Wood bundles can be obtained by cutting the trees in realms of the nightingale by using the Axe. The players have to craft the Axe from the crafting section in the context menu. Each time chopping the trees will provide the players with wood bundles. The players must have a 10x Wood bundle in the inventory to build the workbench.

Plant fiber can be obtained by simply harvesting the reddish bushes in the desert realm. To get Plant fiber (Crude) players can also harvest the bushes in other realms but the appearance of the plant fiber will be different from each other.

Crafting the Workbench

Once the players gather the required materials in the inventory, simply move into the building section by opening the context menu. Select the workbench from the Crafting: Basics and Repair. The simple basic workbench will be the last one, next to the simple tanning station. Select the workbench and press LMB on the place option to place the workbench on the ground of the realm.

Craft Workbench Nightingale

The players have to build the Simple workbench by adding the resources in it. Press “E” to Auto-Add Resources. Once the workbench is placed, the set of instructions will appear on the screen. The instruction describes placing the structures in their most effective place. The benches will get the “Grit” trait if they are built on the bare ground. The players can avoid the workbench to get Grit by not placing the workbench on the foundation or existing structures within the realms. The workbench can also get exposed if placed where there is no shelter.

The players can craft new recipes on the workbench by pressing “E”. The players can craft the following recipes using the workbench.

  • Simple Climbing Picks
  • Simply hunting Knife
  • Simple Mining Pick
  • Simple Rock Marble
  • Simple Fishing Rod
  • Simple Sickle
  • Simple Slingbow
  • Simple Wood Axe

Build the workbench to make new items and make progress in the nightingale.