Nightingale – How to repair items

Repairing the items, tools, and other weapons is required to make successful progress in the Nightingale. The players can easily repair the damaged weapons without using any kind of workbench. Nightingale being a survival game allows you to obtain new items, and valuable materials and craft new structures. The durability of the tools will not be long-lasting so you need to repair the items or weapons from time to time. Making new tools will be costly as it will require the materials to craft.

Repair Items Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to Repair Items in Nightingale.

How to Repair Item

You have to repair the damaged tools and items from the inventory. Repairing the items will require the essence dust. Essence dust can be considered the currency of the nightingale. To repair the items, you must have the maximum amount of Essence dust in the inventory. The essence dust can be obtained by harvesting the bushes in the desert biome of the nightingale. Move into this biome and harvest these bushes or plants to obtain materials like plant fiber and other organic minerals to extract the essence dust from them.

Essence Dust to repair the items

Essence dust can be obtained at the initial stage of the game by collecting items, and minerals. The essence dust will be extracted from these gathered materials from the inventory. Sticks (Crude) can be extracted to obtain the essence dust. The essence dust will be further utilized in repairing the items. Loot the items from the regions of the nightingale or craft the new materials to extract the essence dust from them. Each of the items will extract a different amount of essence dust. The stone block will extract 1x Essence Dust.

Nightingale Repair Items

Repairing the Items

Once you have enough essence dust in the inventory simply open the context menu, move into the inventory, and choose the items or any item that you want to repair to enhance its life. The menu will pop up once you select the desired item or tool to repair. Press LMB on the Repair option to repair the damaged item or tool.

You have to farm the essence dust a big amount as each of the items will provide a different amount of essence dust. Obtain the Essence dust to repair the damaged tool or item in the nightingale. Repairing the item or tool is a wise option to make progress in the game. To repair the Makeshift mining Pick, you need to have 5 Essence dust in the inventory. The makeshift hunting knife will require 5x Essence Dust to get repaired.