Nightingale – Where to Find Essence Trader

Unlocking new resources and crafting new blueprints are difficult to unlock. Many of the new resources and blueprints will be obtained from the essence trader. Essence trader will exchange the new blueprints and many other valuable materials with the Essence Dust. Completing the main storyline will let you lay a hand on new materials and trading with the essence trader will let you get blueprints and other items at the beginning of the game. Finding the Essence trader location bit tough as there will be only one Essence trader in the realms.

Here’s the Guide on Where to Find Essence Trader in Nightingale.

Location for Essence Trader

To increase the Gears scores and Estate scores players have to get access to the new blueprints and new resources. The non-playable character in the nightingale is the essence trader and will exchange the new items with the Essence Dust. To find the location of the essence trader, Press the “M” key to open the Map. You can see the location of the essence trader on the map. To fast travel in the world of the nightingale, move into the Respite. A Realmwalker’s Respite location on an Estate Cairn. You can travel here to any Realm.

Select the essence trader location on the map and move into that region. There will be only one essence trader throughout the game who will offer discoveries, new buildings, and item recipes by exchanging the essence dust. Interact with the essence trader in its location. Essence trader will be standing just right next to Wilhelmina Sasse on the wooden structure. The icon of the essence trader on the map will look like a ticket.

Essence Trader Nightingale

Press “E” to speak with Allen who is an essence trader. The list of items will appear on the screen and these items and blueprints will be achieved by exchanging the essence dust. Each item will be purchased with a different amount of essence dust. The essence dust will be extracted from these gathered materials from the inventory. The essence dust can be obtained by harvesting the bushes in the desert biome of the nightingale. Survive in the world of Nightingale by obtaining new items, recipes, and materials from the essence trader.