Nightingale – How to Build Campfire

Exploring the Realms of the Nightingale, the hunger level will be badly affected especially while roaming in the Desert Realm the stamina will decrease gradually. To keep the hunger level and stamina maintained, players have to consume the food that will be prepared by building the Campfire. The players can build the Campfire at the initial stage of the game.  The campfire will be further used to craft new items, and refined materials and cook several recipes like roasted berries that can be consumed directly to enhance the stamina and lower the hunger of the players.

Campfire Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Build a Campfire in Nightingale.

How to Build a Campfire

The players can build the campfire while completing the tutorial. In the tutorial, players will enter the first Realm of the nightingale which is the forest realm. To build the campfire, players have to gather the 6x Rocks in the inventory. The forest realm contains several items, materials, and organic resources. Rocks are one of the materials that can be directly collected by picking them up from the ground of the realm. While collecting the Raw berries in the tutorial, players will be able to collect the rocks from the Rocky Mountain area. The rocks will be in groups of 6 to 7 placed on the ground.

While collecting the raw barriers by harvesting the bushes in the forest realm, the players will encounter the rocks placed on the ground. When approached close to them, a green hand icon will appear on the screen. Press “E” to pick up the rock and they will be added to the inventory. Each time collecting the group of rocks will provide the players with 4 to 8 Rocks at t time. Once the players collect the rocks, the notification on the left-hand side of the screen will pop up which tells that the Campfire recipe is unlocked.

Nightingale Campfire

Move into the building section by opening the Guidebook by pressing the “B” key. Select the Campfire from the Crafting: Basics & Repair section. Press the LMB on the Place option to place it on the ground of the realm. Building the Campfire will consume 6x Rocks from the inventory. Press the “E” key to auto-refill resources. Once the campfire is built, the instructions will appear on the screen that describe how to Cook several food dishes using the campfire. To use the campfire, press the “E” Key.