Disney Dreamlight Valley – Monstrously Good Taste Quest

The recent Disney Dreamlights Valley update, The Laugh Floor features the new dragon-themed character in the game named Sulley and Mike Wazowski. These new characters come up with their friendships which on completing reward you and make the game even more interesting. Monstrously Good Taste Quest is about Mike. Being a dragon and spending some time in the village, Mike has some concerns regarding the taste and scent which you need to address.

Monstrously Good Taste Quest

In this guide, you will see how to complete Monstrously Good Taste Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Unlock Monstrously Good Taste Quest

Spending some time and getting engaged in some activities with Mike will level up your friendship level with him. On reaching friendship level 4 with him, Monstrously Good Taste Quest gets unlocked. Once you reach level 4 with him, you can chat with him to start this quest. Chatting with him let you know that Mike feels good about the valley however he is missing something, the “je ne sais quoi” element. He visited both the stores in the valley but he did not find any Monstrous cologne and food. He wants you to help him to make a cologne and food.

Prepare Monstrous Cologne

To make the Monstrous Cologne the main ingredient is Rotten Fish. You can get it from the Remy. After getting it you need to bury it under the soil in Dazzle Beach for 15 minutes to get the monstrous scent in it. After doing it return to Mike with the stinky Rotten Fish.

Monstrous Cologne Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now you need some more ingredients to improve the smell. These ingredients are as follows.

  • 5x Empty Vial
  • 7x Rich Soil
  • 1x Rotten Carp

You can craft the Empty Vials from the Glass, each Empty Vial costs 3x glass to get crafted. However, you can also purchase them from Kristoff’s Stall. To get rich soil, you need to plant and harvest crops. Rotten Carp is already in your inventory.

Now you need to head toward the crafting bench with all the collected items and craft the Monstrous Cologne. Present it to the McDuck, he does not like it and won’t allow it to be sold at his store. Now present it to the two other villagers, Scar and Vanellope. The first one does not like it however the second one likes it but not that much. This makes the Mike to move on to the food rather than the scent. He asks you to cook something new that suits his taste.

Prepare Gourmet Rot Dog

To cook a completely new recipe for Mike you need to find some ingredients first which are as follows.

  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Milk
  • 1x Clam
  • 1x Scar hairball

You can get the Wheat by planting its seed. It grows quite quickly and you can get the seeds from the Peaceful Meadow. Milk can be purchased from Remy and the Clams are like the pink shells that can be found along Dazzle Beach. Scar Hairball can be found inside the Scar’s House.

How to complete Monstrous Cologne Disney Dreamlight Valley

After collecting all the above-mentioned ingredients you need to put them into the pot and make the monstrous dish named Gourmet Rot Dog. Present it to Remy, the chef and he does not like it. Present it to Mike, he also doesn’t like it and shares it with Sulley. The quest gets completed here.