Disney Dreamlight Valley – Monster Movie Night Quest Guide

There is a recent update of Disney Dreamlight Valley which features Sulley from Monsters, Inc. In The Laugh Floor Update, players can unlock new characters, complete quests, and do a lot more activities. Monster Movie Night Quest is a new friendship quest that you can take from Sulley.

Monster Movie Night Quest

In this guide, you will see How to complete Monster Movie Night Quest.

Monster Movie Night Quest

Monster Movie Night is a friendship quest from Sulley which you can get unlocked on reaching friendship level 2 with him. There used to be an event in the past named Monster Movie Night and Scrooge McDuck used to rent out the videotapes for it.

Finding the Lost Videotapes

The first step is to Talk to McDuck about what happened to his videotapes. Move around and you can find out the McDuck in the downstairs. On talking with him you are tasked to find three villagers named Ursula, Mickey, and Goofy to talk about the movie videotape. McDuck told you that they rented out the videotape and never returned.

Finding Lost Videotapes

Later on, after talking with Mickey you learn that they have lost the tape somewhere in Dazzle Beach around a deep and dark place. You can find the tape in the Mystical Cave by digging into the mentioned place with a Shovel. Return to Sulley with the videotape.

Crafting the Big Screen TV

After finding the videotape, you need to craft a big-screen TV. For this purpose, you need to collect the following items.

  • 50x Fiber
  • 20x Softwood
  • 10x Glass
Crafting Big Screen TV

After collecting the above-mentioned items, access the Crafting bench and go to the Functional Items tab, you can see Big Screen TV. Click on it to craft and return to Sulley with it.

Put on the Movie Night Outfit

After handing over the newly crafted big-screen TV you are tasked to put on your Movie Night Outfit which consists of a blue casual top, a pair of blue casual pants, and Scarer Sulley Slippers.

Setup TV and Complete Quest

After recovering the lost videotape, crafting the big screen TV, and dressing up with the Monster Movie Night Outfit, you need to set up the TV in any place you like. Villagers gather around for the event. Click a photo of them to complete the Monster Movie Night Quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Monster Movie Night Quest

That’s all you need to know about Sulley’s first friendship quest.