Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – How To Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Upgrading Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is of significant importance to improve the combat and overall gameplay experience. The game features a lot of weapons throughout the gameplay and it’s your choice to keep the ones while leaving others.…

Skull And Bones – The Death Mark

Death Mark Skull and Bones

During your sea adventures in Skull and Bones, you get a lot of opportunities to level up and become rich. One such opportunity is to collaborate with a fellow pirate organization named The Helm. Joining them gives you a lot…

Skull And Bones – How To Repair Your Ship

Repair Ship Skull and bones

Your Naval adventures as a pirate in Skull and Bones often challenge you which eventually can put you and your crew at risk along with your ship. You always have to keep an eye on the health meter and prevent…

Helldivers 2 – How to Destroy Fuel Silos

Helldivers 2 How to destroy Fuel Silos

Throughout your struggle in Helldivers 2 to liberate the galaxy from the evil Terminids and Automatons, you are often tasked to destroy the Fuel Silos during the Sabotage Supply Bases missions. It is pretty easy to destroy these fuel reserves…