Helldivers 2 – How To Ping and Mark Locations On Map

Just like any other co-op game, coordination plays an important role throughout your venture in Helldivers 2 to clear the galaxy from the Terminids and Automatons. Although the game has the option to use voice or chat for communication for some missions, the darkness of night and unclear vision make the use of pinging and marking locations inevitable.

How to Ping Helldivers 2

In this guide, you will see how to ping and mark locations on the map for better coordination with the teammates in Helldivers 2.

How to Ping in Helldivers 2

To coordinate with your teammates, you should know how to use the ping feature in the game. You can ping any enemy, object, building, or point for your teammates. It is very easy to ping any enemy or point of interest on both PC and PS5.

  • Pinging on PC: To Ping on PC, press the Q button on your keyboard, then move your cursor to mark the location or point of interest you intend to ping. After that use the left-click to ping that point.
  • Pinging on PS5: To Ping on PS5, press the R1 button and it allows you to select the point of interest using the controller’s stick. Use the X button to mark that point.
How to Ping in Helldivers 2

Note: Q (On PC) and R1 (On PS5) are the default buttons to ping, you can change them to your preferred buttons by using the key binding settings.

Pinging the marked points again will remove them. Pinging an enemy creates a red marker on them while pinging anything else creates a white eye on them. These markers only work for six seconds so use them wisely to highlight the important enemies or objects to your teammates.

How to mark locations on minimap

Marking the point of interest on the minimap is also very useful. Unlike pinging marking, the locations on the map are permanent until you reach them or unmark them by yourself. It is also very easy to mark locations on both the PC and PS5.

  • Mark Locations on PC: To mark locations on the minimap press the Tab button on your keyboard to open the mini-map. Press and hold the right key of your mouse and move the cursor to drop the marker on the desired point using the left key.
  • Mark Locations on PS5: To mark locations on the minimap, press the Touchpad button to open the mini-map. Use the controller’s stick to move the cursor to the desired point to drop the marker using the X button.
How to mark locations in Helldivers 2

Pinging and marking locations on the minimap are important to highlight the point of interest for better coordination, using these features will help you throughout your journey in Helldivers 2.