Skull and Bones: How to Get Acacia

Skull and Bones is an action RPG game in which players have to defeat their enemies to become the ruler of the sea. Collecting items and organic minerals is necessary to make progress in the game. There will be several contracts that players have to complete in the Skull and Bones. Explore the Map by Sailing to the different regions in the game. One of the essential materials that players have to collect is Acacia. Acacia is the material that is required to complete the “Tools of the Trade” contract.

Acacia Skull and Bones

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Acacia in Skull and Bones.

How to Get Acacia

Acacia is a Durable and rot-resistant wood that is used in crafting new refined materials. To get the Acacia, players have to obtain the axe from the Carpenter. The saw is used to cut the trees. Acacia is obtained by cutting the trees near the Sainte-Anne location. The saw will be crafted at the Carpenter. To craft the Saw, players must have the required materials for it. The required materials to craft the Saw are the following.

  • 1x Matal salvage
  • 2 x Torn sail

The players can get the required materials by checking the warehouse by mail section and see if it’s there or in a chest. These materials should just be with you at all times. Set the sail to the Carpenter location to craft the Saw. Interact with the carpenter and select “Craft new item” from the pop-up list. 20 Silver will be deducted from the player’s bank as a fee for crafting the saw.

How to Obtain the Acacia by cutting the trees

Once the players craft the saw, set sail near the region of Sainte-Anne. Sainte-Anne is the first region in which players pay a visit at the beginning of the game. To move into the location of Red Isle, pin the location by opening the world map. The players can see and mark the Red Isle region from the map to hover over the exact area. After reaching the destination, players have to get Acacia by cutting the trees with the help of a crafted Saw.

Skull and Bones Acacia

Upon reaching the point of intersection, press the “F” button to harvest the trees to obtain the Acacia. A mini-game will start to obtain the Acacia in which players have to stop the arrow on the green section for the best harvesting results. If you fail to stop the arrow on the green and yellow bar more than three times then you will not get the Acacia and have to start again. Some of the trees will already be chopped by the other players, so players have to harvest the other trees.

When the option for harvesting is no longer appearing, move to the other side of the region to harvest. Each time harvesting the trees will provide the players with Acacia. Get the maximum number of Acacia so that you don’t need to come again to chop the trees.

The players can use the Auto Harvest option to automatically collect the Acacia but this process is time-consuming. Obtaining the Acacia manually will save much time. If the tree is just a stump, that means another player cut it down so you need to find another tree or wait for it to respawn. To respawn the trees player can use the technique of logging in and logging out of the game again. Otherwise, the trees take 30 minutes to respawn again. Once the players get the required Acacia, move back to the Sainte-Anne to complete the quest.