Nightingale – How to Get Stone Block

One of the essential materials is Stone Block which should be obtained in the early hours of the game. Stone block is used to craft new items and valuable structures. Building the Estate Cairn is important at the initial stage of the game. The biomes of the nightingale are filled with several rocks, ores, and stones. However, their appearance is somehow similar to each other. Breaking the stones or any rock will require having a low-level pickaxe in the tools section in the inventory. Equipping a high-level pickaxe will not break these stones, it will only work for breaking the Ore nodes.

Stone Block Nightingale

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Stone Block in Nightingale.

How to Get Stone Block

Crafting new structures and new materials will require you to have enough amount of stone blocks in the inventory. Stone blocks will be used further in the progression of the game. The players can get the stone block from any of the biomes in the nightingale. The stones are all scattered in every biome. The majority of the Stone blocks can be found near the sea or the Rocky Mountains. Breaking the stones with a pickaxe will provide the players with stone blocks.

The stone’s shapes will be annular they will be of normal size. Once the players reach close to any stone the green pickaxe icon will appear in the middle of the screen which means that mining this stone will give the stone blocks. The players must have the Pickaxe. The pickaxe can be crafted by gathering the required materials to craft it from the crafting section in the context menu. To craft the simple mining pick, players must have the following required materials in the inventory.

  • 1x Stone block
  • 1x Wood Bundle
  • 2x Straps
How to get Stone Block Nightingale

Wood bundles can be obtained by simply chopping the trees in the biomes with the help of Axe. Straps are tool components that will be crafted at the Tanning station. Once the players gather the required materials for crafting the simple mining pick, interact with the workbench and craft it from the Simple items section.

Equip the low-level pickaxe to start breaking the stones in the biomes of the nightingale. Breaking the stone will drop the pieces of stone blocks on the ground. Approach closer and press “E” to collect it. Once collected it will used to craft the new items and structures. Build the Estate Cairn by utilizing the stone block. The players will be able to craft new recipes like Floors and stone foundations. The players have to repair the Pickaxe from time to time to enhance the durability.