Nightingale – How to Get Simple Mining Pick | Pickaxe

One of the essential tools that players have to craft at the initial stage of the game is a Simple mining pick. Collecting new materials and items is required by breaking the nodes scattered all around the biomes of the nightingale. The players have to craft the pickaxe to equip it and start mining the rocks, stones, and ores to collect the minerals like Stone blocks or other hidden materials in the nodes. The low-level pickaxe will be crafted at the initial stage of the game and as the players progress further in the game they will also obtain the high-level mining pick.

Mining Pick Nightingale

Here’s the guide on how to Get a Simple Mining Pick in Nightingale.

How to Get Mining Pick

The Pickaxe will only be crafted on the workbench. The workbench will be crafted in hourly hours of the game to craft new recipes like Simple Wood Axe. The players have to Collect the following required materials to craft the simple mining pick in the nightingale.

How to Find Required Materials

The stones are all scattered in every biome. The majority of the Stone blocks can be found near the sea or the Rocky Mountains. Breaking the stones with a pickaxe will provide the players with stone blocks. Once the players reach close to any stone the green pickaxe icon will appear in the middle of the screen which means that mining this stone will give the stone blocks.

How to get Mining Pick Nightingale

The Wood bundle can be collected by cutting the trees in the biomes of the nightingale. Equip the axe and start chopping the trees. Cutting the trees will provide the players with a Wood bundle. The players can get a large amount of wood bundles in the forest biome. In the forest biome, the trees are available in maximum amounts. The green hand icon will pop up on the screen when the players can closer to any wood bundle after cutting the tree by using Axe.

Building Simple Tanning Station

To build the Simple Tanning station, open the context menu and select the Simple Tanning station from the building section in the guidebook. The players must have the 10x Plant Fiber and 6x Sticks in the inventory. The plant fiber will be collected by harvesting the bushes in the biomes of the nightingale. The appearance of the Plant fiber changed from biome to biome. However, in the swamp biome and forest biome the appearance does not change. The sticks can also be obtained by harvesting the pinkish bushes in the desert biome.

Pickaxe Nightingale

Once the players collect the required materials to build the Tanning station, place it on the ground of the biome to build. Press “E” to auto-add resources. To craft the Straps players must have the following.

  • 1x Fabled Hide
  • 4x Hide (Tier 1 Predator Skin)

Crafting the Pickaxe

The hides can be obtained by killing the animals in the biomes. The players will get the meat and bones from the animals. The hide can also be purchased directly from the essence trader by exchanging the Essence Dust. Craft the straps using the Simple Tanning Station. To craft the Simple mining pick, build the workbench and interact with it for crafting the pickaxe.