Nightingale – How to Get Glass

One of the essential materials that players have to craft right after the completion of the first realm is the Glass. Glass is used in crafting new recipes like Ink which is further utilized in making the latest realm card. The players will get the glass by crafting method as it cannot be obtained by cutting any tree and mining the nodes available in the Realms. The players must know the location of the essence trader as they need to craft the item to obtain the glass from it.

How to get glass Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Get Glass in Nightingale.

How to Get Glass

To Get the Glass, players must have to collect the Raw Gem from the realms. To Get the Raw Gem, the Simple Mining pick should be added to the quick inventory. The Pickaxe will only be crafted on the workbench. The players have to Collect the following required materials to craft the simple mining pick in the nightingale.

The players also have to build the tanning station to craft the Straps. Wood bundles can be obtained by cutting the trees in the realms of the nightingale. The stone block will be found when mining the stone near the Rocky Mountains. Upon collecting all the required materials use the workbench to craft the Simple mining pick.

Raw Gem can be found by mining the Ore Nodes in the Realms. To get the Raw Gems, there is no fixed where the players can collect them all. The players have to explore the realms to find the Ore Nodes to mine them and obtain the Raw Gem (Quartz). Equip the pickaxe and break the Ore nodes to get the Raw Gem. Move to any Rocky area and find the Quartz at the peak of the mountain. The player can find the location for getting more Ore nodes near the starting point of the game as shown in the figure.

get glass Nightingale

How to Build a Simple Smelter to Get Glass

Once the players get the Raw Gem, the players have to unlock the recipe of Simple Smelter from the essence trader. Move to the location of the essence trader and interact with it to purchase the Simple Smelter. The players can pin the location of the essence trader from the map as the icon of the essence trader will be as of the ticket. Select the Simple Smelter from the Crafting: Refinement section. 55x essence dust is required to purchase the simple smelter.

glass nightingale

To build the simple smelter, open the context menu and select the Simple Smelter from the Refinement section. To build, players must have 4x Stone Block and 6x Rocks in the inventory. Place the Simple Smelter to any place in the realm. To craft the Glass, interact with the Simpler smelter and select the glass from the refinement list that will appear on the screen. Use the Raw Gem (Quartz) to craft the Glass (Quartz) Level 20. 2x Raw Gems are required to Craft 1x Glass (Quartz).