Nightingale – How to Get Fishing Rod

The fishing Rod is one of the starting tools that players have to equip at the initial stage of the nightingale. The players in the Fae realm will have to survive in it by exploring the biomes, collecting new items, and materials, and crafting the structures. To maintain the stamina of the players, the food item should be consumed. To catch the fish and eat it players must get the Fishing rod first. Catching the fish by using the fishing rod is necessary to make progress in the game as you will get hungry while roaming in the Desert Realm.

Fishing Rod Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Get a Fishing Rod in Nightingale.

How to Get a Fishing Rod

The players can get the fishing rod from the essence trader. The fishing rod will be purchased from the essence trader by using the essence dust. Essence dust can be extracted from the collected items and it can also be obtained by completing the main storyline. There will be only one essence trader in the biomes of the nightingale. The players can mark the location of the essence trader by marking it from the map.

Open the Map by pressing “M” and the players can see the icon of the ticket on the map. Pin the location of the essence trader and move into the location. Interact with the essence trader and purchase the fishing rod by utilizing the 30x essence dust. Select the simple fishing rod from the Simple item section and press LMB on the Buy option to get the fishing rod.

How to get Fishing Rod Nightingale

The players have to collect the required materials to craft the Fishing rod on the workbench.

  • 1x Wood Bundle
  • 1x Bones
  • 2x Animal Fibre

Required materials for crafting the Fishing Rod

The Wood bundle can be collected by cutting the trees in the biomes of the nightingale. Equip the axe and start chopping the trees. Cutting the trees will provide the players with a Wood bundle. The players can get a large amount of wood bundles in the forest biome. In the forest biome, the trees are available in maximum amounts. The green hand icon will pop up on the screen when the players can closer to any wood bundle after cutting the tree.

Nightingale Fishing Rod

The bones can be obtained by hunting down the deer and other animals. Killing the animals will provide the players with Bones and Raw meat. Animal fiber can be crafted by using the tanning station. The tanning station can be built with the help of 10x Plant Fiber and 6x Sticks. Kill the animals with the help of a Hunting knife to obtain the Raw meat. The required materials for crafting the hunting knife are the following.

  • 3x Sticks
  • 3x Rocks
  • 6x Plant Fiber

Plant fiber, sticks, and rocks should be obtained in the maximum amount at the beginning of the game. Once the players get the animal fiber, interact with the tanning station to craft the animal fiber. Use the workbench to craft the Fishing rod using the required materials. The workbench can be placed on any ground in the biomes of the nightingale.