Nightingale – How to Catch Fish

Instead of putting your character at risk by hunting the deadly animals in the biomes of the Nightingale, you can catch the fish from the sea with the help Fishing Rod. To make progress in the game, you need to explore each biome and collect the items, materials, and organic minerals, players must have enough stamina. Catching a fish will be a great source of increasing stamina. You need to eat from time to time and each time hunting the animals will be frustrating so getting the fish in the inventory will help you to consume it at any time when necessary.

Catch Fish Nightingale

Here’s the guide on How to Catch Fish in Nightingale.

How to Catch Fish

To catch the fish, you must have the fishing rod in the quicky inventory. The fishing rod will be crafted on the Workbench. First players have to unlock the recipe from the essence trader. The essence trader will provide you with the fishing rod by exchanging the essence dust. The essence dust can be obtained by completing the tasks and extracting the essence dust from the collected items and materials. Each of the items and materials will extract different amount of essence dust. You must have 30x Essence Dust in the inventory to spend it to purchase the fishing rod. The essence trader’s location can be pinned from the map.  

To craft the fishing rod, players have to build the workbench. Workbench is one of the starting structures that you have to build at the beginning of the game using the required materials for it. Once the Workbench is built, craft the Fishing rod. To craft the fishing rod, you must have the following required materials in the inventory.

  • 1x Wood Bundle
  • 1x Bones
  • 2x Animal Fibre

Catching Fish using the Fishing Rod

Move towards any river and sea in the biomes of the nightingale. Equip the fishing rod from the quick inventory when standing on the edge of the water. The players can visit the Forest realm to catch the fish from the Water. Hold the LMB to cast and will get a bite while the fishing rod is equipped. The players can see the name appear on the screen. There will be a health meter and the longer the players keep the fish centered on the screen the faster the little red health meter will down.

Fishing Nightingale

There will also a tension on the screen as well. If you get too far then the tension goes up too much the line breaks and you will lose the fish. To catch the fish with the help of a fishing rod, keep the tension in the middle of the tension bar. The players can see the stamina bar is also visible. It’s important to bring good stamina. Consuming the food will enhance your stamina.

The higher-level fish take a long time to reel so make sure that you have a lot of good recipes with you. The players can get the Chaparral trout and rainbow trout from the forest biome ocean. Keep the tension bar in the middle to Catch the fish faster.