Skull And Bones – How To Repair Your Ship

Your Naval adventures as a pirate in Skull and Bones often challenge you which eventually can put you and your crew at risk along with your ship. You always have to keep an eye on the health meter and prevent yourself from sinking in the bottom of the deep oceans. However, the good thing is that you can repair your ship and save your crew from the deadly attacks from rival pirates and merchants.

Repair Ship Skull and bones

In this guide, you will how to repair your ship to save your crew to be ended up in the sea bottoms.

How To Repair Your Ship

There is a health meter located on the bottom left corner of your screen which indicates your ship’s health. You can get your ship repaired on two different sceneries, one is when you are set off to the sea and the second one is when you are docked. Let’s go through each of them.

How To Repair Your Ship When In Sea

Setting out in the sea can be very challenging and your ship’s health is crucial here. When you attack the other ships of pirates and merchants, they can attack you in response to that. Your ship also takes damage from these attacks which results in depleting your ship’s health and can eventually get your ship sunk. Fortunately, you can repair your ship in the meantime using your Repair Kits. You can access the Repair Kits using the Action Wheel, using the Repair Kit instantly repairs the portion of your Ship Health, and to replenish more ship health, you can use more repair kits after 45 seconds.

How To Craft Repair Kits

You can always craft the Repair Kits by visiting the Carpenter located in the ports. However, you need the Blueprints to craft the specific Repair Kit along with the certain items required. The higher level of Repair Kits will get unlocked on reaching a certain Infamy Rank. Besides crafting, you can also purchase them for Silver.

Craft Repair Kit Skull And Bones

There are a total of 6 levels of Repair Kits available to craft. The materials required and the location of the blueprints can be seen in the below table.

Repair KitMaterials Required To CraftWhere to find the BlueprintsHealing Power
Repair Kit 1Metal Salvage x1
Scavenged Wood x1
Sainte-Anne6,000 Hull Health
Repair Kit 2Scavenged Wood x3
Rusty Nail x3
Vorona Falls18,000 Hull Health
Repair Kit 3Metal Salvage x2
Broken Plank x2
Torn Sail x3
Telok Penjarah27,000 Hull Health
Enhanced Repair Kit 13x Repair Kit 1Telok Penjarah50% of Hull Health
Enhanced Repair Kit 23x Repair Kit 2Karst Outlook70% of Hull Health
Enhanced Repair Kit 33x Repair Kit 3Grand Falasie90% of Hull Health

How To Repair Your Ship In Docks

The second method to repair your ship is when you are docked. When you are docked, access the Ship Menu where you can do Cargo Management, customize ships, etc. On that menu, there is an option named “Ship Repair”. Selecting this option instantly repairs your ship against the specific amount of Silver depending upon how much the damage ship took.

How to repair your ship Skull and bones

That’s all about repairing ships while in the docks, in the open sea, and crafting the Repair Kits.