The individual moons in Lethal Company will give you a tough time choosing which one to navigate first. Moons are partitioned into three classifications. Some are easy to explore, some have medium-level difficulty and others are hardest to investigate due to their difficulty level and different weather conditions.


Here are the details regarding every moon & their difficulty level, Conditions and hazard level, etc.


It’s the easiest moon to navigate because of the difficulty level. It contains zero giants but has two outside rivals which are worms and eyeless dogs.

ConditionsAt hazard level B, this moon is good enough to explore. Scrap can easily be brought into the ship as the main entrance is easily visible from outside.


The second easiest moon in Lethal Company is considered to be “Assurance”. As you can investigate it easily. It is less easy than Experimentation. Indoor enemies in Assurance are tougher than the Experimentation. These enemies include snare fleas, bunker spiders, thumpers, and brackens.


There’s a long way between the ship and the bunker, which may not be as easy as it looks. Four routes will lead towards the bunker. The exit of the bunker leads towards the mountain where eyeless dogs or worms are anxiously waiting. It’s less simple than the experimentation.


It’s the hardest moon of all the above 2 moons for gameplay. It has 15% Earth leviathan and Giants have a higher spawn rate. That’s the hardest outside enemies in the game. Loot as quickly as you can before the sun goes down and rush towards the ship through the path of the forest as if you don’t want to deal with the Giants.


Inside the bunker, there are the highest spawn rates of hoarding bugs, bunker spiders, lizards, thumpers, and coil-Head.

ConditionUse the trees and dips in the ground to escape from giants, so break the line of sight. Loot before the sun goes down and return to ship as fast as you can.


Offense can be considered equal to Vow due to its difficulty level and higher spawn rates. Indoor enemies are tougher as there will be a lot of Thumpers, coil heads, spiders, snare fleas, and lizards.


Use the same strategy as Vow, head towards the ship before the darkness in order not to deal with the Giants. Indoor enemies have the highest spawn ratio as shown in the below table.

Bunker Spiders21
Snare Fleas13
Coil heads12
Hoarding bugs8


This moon is more extreme than the Offensive. The weather is kind of Foggy and rains lightly. Inside the bunker, players will deal with Thumpers, spiders, and other enemies but with less spawn rate. March can be compared to more difficult to play as compared to above moons due to dealing with a dog, a giant combo outside. that isn’t great. Dealing with the brackens and thumper combo makes the game more difficult. So, it will be expensive to navigate in March.



Rend is completely different from other moons because of the environment that is foggy. There will be cold freezing air in the environment that makes the gameplay more difficult. At night you will see dogs, giants, and worms outside. Follow the light till it hits the object. There will be the best loot on this moon but unfortunately, the path will be extreme, and a pack of enemies to hunt the player. One more thing that will be scarier is Ghost Girl.


It’s overall the second-highest moon in the game.


The Dine environmental condition is similar to Rend as it’s also foggy and cool air breeze. Dine has more worms than Giants. Try to be more careful as indoor enemies are there such as ghost girl, thumper, bugs, Lizard, etc.


As Dine has less spawn rate and a path can be followed without the light that makes the Dine less difficult as compared to Rend.


TITAN is the most straightforward out of any map in the game even with low visibility. The player will deal with Giants, dogs, and worms outside. The spawn rate is too high. The inside enemies in a bunker that are waiting are Jesters, brackens, spiders, coil heads, Thumpers, and ghost girls. The bunker in TITAN is difficult to navigate because of smoke and beam jumps. TITAN is an easy S tier with many Enemies and weather conditions.


Climate conditions

The climate conditions in the game will create serious difficulties and problems in gameplay. Here’s the list of weather and factors that can cause due to it.


In rainy conditions, the ground has like muddy texture. It did not create many problems in gameplay. So, the difficulty level can be rated as 2/5

RAINY Climate Condition


Foggy moons make the journey really difficult to see anything, so in order to navigate you need a light to roam. Players cannot see anything in fog but Giants can see normally in fog. So that’s where the trouble begins.

FOGGY Climate Condition


Stormy weather is an annoying one. Thunder and lightning strike the player down when you are carrying a specific metal object. Stormy weather can be rated as 4/5 on a difficulty level.

STORMY Climate Condition


This weather is similar to rainy except it has more water. Flooded moons are a type of moon where the player needs to pay attention because the player could take too long and now it is impossible to get back to the ship. It’s a bit more problematic to handle so it can rate as 3/5.

FLOODED Climate Condition


The worst of the five is Eclipsed. There’s darkness throughout the whole day. The spawn rate is high, Giants and other monsters have chances to visit a player at any moment. This can be rated as 5/5. It’s luck if the player has to face this weather.

ECLIPSED Climate Condition