Lethal Company- How to get & use Jetpack

In the world with the pack of monsters and enemies in Lethal Company, a jetpack will be a lifesaver, only if the player knows how to get and use it without dying. Not only can players transport themselves but they can move three small items along them except large items.

How to get & use Jetpack in Lethal Company

How to purchase Jetpack

  1. Interact with the terminal on the ship.
  2. Type “STORE”
  3. In the store section you can see the Jetpack, so type “JETPACK” in the corresponding command.
  4. To buy, type “CONFIRM”.
How to purchase Jetpack in Lethal Company

The shipment of Jetpack will arrive hourly outside the ship. Jetpack costs 700 credits, that’s pretty expensive. Although a jetpack will cost the player a lot, it will be worth spending credits when players know how to use a jetpack.

To use the Jetpack without causing any serious damage to the player. Here are the tips on how players can utilize the jetpack.

How to use Jetpack

  1. First, Equip the Jetpack after receiving it. It will automatically add to the inventory.
  2. Go outside the bunker or ship to enjoy its ride
  3. Press the “Left mouse button”, this will create the thrust to move up in the space in a specified direction. It’s better to do a jump thrust than the regular thrust. Jump thrust will create maximum momentum.
  4. W ASD keys change the flight direction. Don’t hold W ASD keys too long as a result the player will fall due to an unbalanced situation. Hold the keys to reach the specified direction the player wants.
  5. Hold the “Space bar” in the space to remain in a position.
How to use Jetpack in Lethal Company


AlertSafety Measure
ExplosionTo maintain the thruster, hold the “W” key for a bit to rush in the forward direction, then release the “W” key to prevent the jetpack from exploding. Holding the “W” key too long creates heat, due to which Jetpack explodes. The player will be killed due explosion of the Jetpack in space, as the player will fall rapidly. So, press and release the “W” key to prevent overheat.
Battery lowThe battery is rechargeable in the ship through the wall terminal of the ship.
DropdownAs the Battery explodes, the player will fall on the ground which will cause serious damage. To prevent it from the damage, hit the jump button as the player is about to hit the ground.
Precautions to take while using Jetpack in Lethal Company

Damages caused due to falling

Normal falling from the air will cause 20% of damage to health. If a player messes with the jetpack it will cause 40% damage to health due to irregular landing. It is pretty expensive to survive further in a game. With 25% health dropping below it creates the player’s health in a critical state but when back from the damage only 25% health is left in a player. so, try not to tilt the direction as if you are falling. Do a normal landing that causes less damage to the player’s health.


The Jetpack has quite an incredible potential on all worlds since it beats generally outside foes. The player can draw them into trenches and it also saves the player from eclipse worlds, Flooded worlds, and muddy worlds. Scraps can be transported easily without any hurdle. The three items carry helps a lot when the player has just mobility to get to ship as fast as possible. It’s like a Mini Copter in rust and equally expensive.

So be ready to have a joyful ride in the Lethal Company with the cost of 700 Credits.