LETHAL COMPANY- Way of using the weapons

Lethal Company enables the player to use the weapons to survive the monsters during their gameplay. Different weapons have different usage in-game usually based on the situation in which a player is standing. In order to buy weapons, you need to buy them from the store and some weapons can be discovered during the raid A few weapons are accessible in the facility.

Way of using the weapons in Lethal Company

Here are some major weapons in Lethal Company that are best to use for surviving enemies or monsters.


The player cannot survive the monsters without using the weapon. Shovel is one of them. Giants are Eyeless dogs that are hard to kill using a Shovel but somehow it can cause damage as something is better than nothing. The major purpose of a shovel is to dig the hole with precision.

SHOVEL in Lethal Company

But for now, players will majorly use it to kill indoor enemies and outdoor monsters. The below table shows which monsters can Shovel kill & how they can kill them. During the incursion, the player can find a shovel.

MonstersHow to kill
ThumperUse the zap gun to shock the monster and then use a shovel to strike and kill it before it kills the player.
SpiderThe same procedure goes for killing a spider as Thumper uses the zap gun and strikes the shovel.
Snare flyUse the shovel wisely to kill the snare fly as it can fly. The player needs to jump from a certain height and hit the shovel on his head. If the snare fly is hit and falls on the ground use the golden opportunity to hit it again and again until it’s dead.
BrackenIntelligently stun the Bracken from behind and jump highly to strike the shovel onto his head.
Hoarding bugIt’s much easier to kill this big with a shovel within only just 2 strikes.
Spore lizardWithout using any other weapon use the shovel’s single hit to kill the lizard
GiantsIt would be a foolish plan to hit the giant on its legs. So, rush towards a certain height where Giant’s head can be seen easily. Jump and strike the shovel in its head. It’s not impossible.


Stun Grenade is a kind of lifesaver. Running away from Giants or other monsters that can run faster, this weapon is very crucial to stun the monster. Players can get the stun grenade from the ship by interacting with the terminal. Type “store” and type “Stun Grenade buy”. This will unlock the stun grenade using 40 Credits.

STUN GRENADE in Lethal Company

How to use a stun grenade

It’s really easy to use the Stun Grenade. Approach the monster and simply click one time LMB. The pin will be removed from the Grenade and click again one time more to throw the Grenade at the monster in order to stun it. Stun Grenade can rank on the S tier as it is a lifesaver.


Zap Gun acts as another line of defense but on the other hand, it’s the second most expensive weapon and difficult to use.

Zap Gun in Lethal Company

How to use ZAP GUN

Click on the LMB then the gun will scan the area in front of it and if it detects an enemy it will immediately shoot it with lightning, it stuns the enemy not kills them. So, the best procedure will be for one player to use the ZAP GUN to stun the enemy and the other player to use the shovel or Stop sign to kill it.

However, it will be bought from the ship by interacting with the terminal. Its cost is 400 credits. It’s pretty pricey.

How to charge ZAP GUN

Zap Gun can be charged once at a time as it works on a battery. Only on the ship the Zap Gun can be charged. On the ship, there’s a big wall type of panel through which Zap Gun or the battery items will be charged.


The teleporter is basically the only line of safety while rushing toward the bunker. While the teammates are surrounded by monsters or if any team member is killed by the monster. Teleporter allows the player to teleport the teammates that are alive or others that are dead into teleporter, in order to avoid the retrieving fee.

Teleporter in Lethal Company

In order to survive in the game, the player needs to have a teleporter. The teleporter costs 375 Credits.


Players can utilize the stop sign in case he is lack of Shovel, as stop signs have the same purpose and way of using it, just to hit an enemy. Stop signs can be found during the invasion. Press E to pick the Stop sign. Use the Left mouse button to strike the stop sign.

STOP SIGN in Lethal Company

21 pounds of weight is enough to lose the stamina. So be careful while running it from the monsters. Don’t be foolish to use a Stop sign to give a little dent to bigger monsters like Giants or eyeless dogs. Always try to use this on inside bunker enemies.

Here’s the list of some items that may be considered as weapons.

  1. Boombox
  2. Extension ladder
  3. Flashlight
  4. Pro-Flashlight
  5. Jetpack
  6. Lockpicker
  7. Radar Booster
  8. TZP-Inhaler
  9. Walkie-Talkie

Use all the weapons more wisely in order to make the gameplay more interesting.