8 Forspoken tips to read before playing

Forspoken is an action roleplay game developed by Luminous Productions and released by Square Enix, released on both PS5 and Windows on January 24, 2023.

Like many other open-world games, there are many different things to do and explore on the map of Forspoken. We crafted 8 essential Forspoken tips to know before jumping into the world of Athia.

In this guide, we cover 8 essential Forspoken tips to know before playing the game. Let’s get started!

Forspoken Tips

Here are the tips waiting for you to read.

Visit Founts of Blessing Earlier in Forspoken

Looking for a free spell at the start? It is always a good idea to go to the Founts of Blessing if you spot a fount of blessing on your map or from a Mulberry to gain a brand new spell for free. It offers supportive movement or helpful abilities like jumping on the ground faster with Shimmy or climbing further up walls with a saw.

Founts of Blessing

Refund Spells for Mana in Forspoken

Looking for Mana urgently while having an excess amount of spells? You can always refund the spells for the amount of Mana without any extra cost. It will always help you to experiment with the spells before committing them fully. There are a few exception spells that you cannot refund for Mana.

Refund Spells for Mana

Keep Activate Spellcraft Challenges in Forspoken

It is always good to keep activating some Spellcraft challenges. This will improve Phrase Magic and Stamina abilities once completed. To activate these Spellcraft Challenges you can visit archives in Saipal by using bookcases located there and in Pilgrim’s Refuges.

Keep Activate Spellcraft Challenges

Check Locations for More Loot in Forspoken

Looking for more loot? Villages, Forts, and Landmarks have their central objective to accomplish but if you use Cuff Scan after the dust settles, you can see there is plenty of loot in the surrounding area. Make sure to find the crafting resources and treasure chests while there.

How to Solve Chest Grid Puzzles in Forspoken

If you are finding it difficult to solve the Bioshock-like mystic lock-picking puzzles, you can sometimes shortcut solving the puzzle by only using some of the pieces. You can also spend some Mana to solve them automatically.

If you want to skip them automatically without any cost, you can heads toward Accessibility Settings in the Option Menus and turn on Automatic Lock Picking

How to Solve Chest Grid Puzzles

Pickup Mana Pools in Forspoken

Never miss pickup Manna Pools. Always collect each Mana pool you get spotted. Each Mana pool will grant you one Mana point. Otherwise, you will get Mana Points by leveling up. It still doesn’t need to be worried if the Mana Pools are guarded by the enemies. All you have to do is to move Frey to run through them out to pick that up. You can find them in Clumps, strings of them going through valleys, and along the cliff. So if you find one, probably there would be others nearby. Collecting Mana pools will also increase Frey’s Stamina when collected.

Pickup Mana Pools

Avoid Fall Damage in Forspoken

You should avoid Fall Damage when landing. Fray can suffer from full damage when she lands from a great height. When she lands from a great height the four will be consumed by Cuff to prevent any damage to Fray at the expense of emptying her stamina charges. However, if she hits the ground with already having no stamina then she will take actual damage.

Avoid Fall Damage

Visit Belfries in Forspoken

You should always visit the Golden Light houses named Belfry Tower. It will allow you to have more fast travel locations as well as unfog the nearby region of the map and you can mark down the nearby landmarks so that you do not need to manually explore the region to find out the notable points.

Visit Belfries

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These are the 8 Forspoken Tips that you enjoyed reading and will help you while in the world of Athia