All Emblem rings in Fire Emblem Engage

There are twelve emblem rings in the Fire Emblem Engage, you will get all emblem rings at some specific points when you are playing the main story.
In this guide, you are going to learn how to get the all emblem rings and all the details about each emblem ring. Continue reading this guide to learn more about emblem rings.

How to get all Emblem rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Wearing the emblem rings will give a boost to the stats or abilities by engaging with the other characters.

No.Emblem RingCan be found
1Ring of the Hero-Kingduring the Prologue
2Ring of the Caring Princess Chapter 4
3Ring of the Holy Knight Chapter 4
4Ring of the Dawn Maiden Chapter 6
5Ring of the Sage Lord Chapter 8
6Ring of the Young Lion Chapter 8
7Ring of the Exalt PrincessChapter 10
8Ring of the Lady of the PlainsChapter 10
9Ring of the Radiant HeroChapter 13
10Ring of the Instructor Chapter 14
11Ring of the Crux of FateChapter 15
12Ring of the Azure TwinsChapter 16
13Bracelet of the Ancestral Divine Dragonvia DLC
14House Leaders Emblem Braceletvia DLC
All Emblem rings in Fire Emblem Engage