All Sanji’s Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Sanji is a skilled chef and a powerful fighter in the One Piece series, and in the fan-made RPG One Piece Odyssey, he serves as a valuable member of the player’s crew, with a unique set of skills that allow him to fight efficiently while also providing some useful utility.

In this guide, we will discuss the skills of Sanji in One Piece Odyssey. So, Let’s get started with our guide!

Sanji’s Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Sanji’s skills in One Piece Odyssey are the following:

All Sanji’s Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Black Leg Style

Sanji’s unique fighting style emphasizes fast, powerful kicks and quick movements. this skill can be enhanced with different levels of the skill tree for more damage and effects.

All Sanji’s Skills in One Piece Odyssey


Sanji’s basic combo attack involves a flurry of kicks and can be enhanced in the skill tree to make it more powerful and add additional effects.

Diable Jambe

Sanji’s special attack deals heavy damage to a single enemy and has a chance to inflict burn damage. The damage can be enhanced with upgrades to this skill in the skill tree.

All Sanji’s Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Blue Walk

Sanji can temporarily increase his speed, dodge rate, and evasion by using this skill, useful in battle when dealing with fast enemies or when outnumbered.

Elegant Cooking

Sanji can cook a variety of dishes using ingredients gathered during the journey, which can be used to buff the party’s stats and also can be used to heal the party’s health.


Sanji’s ultimate skill deals heavy damage to all enemies in front of him, this skill also has a chance to stun the enemies.

All Sanji’s Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Note: It’s important to note that Sanji’s abilities emphasize speed, and power, He is a great damage dealer and should be used in battle accordingly. His Elegant Cooking skill adds an interesting utility that can help you in battle. It’s good to strategize which abilities to use depending on the situation you’re facing.

Field Skills of Sanji

Field Skills of SanjiDescription
KickYou can use the Kick field skill of Sanji to destroy objects i.e. Barrels, Boxes, and Rocks.
CookYou can use the Cook field skill Sanji to cook amazing dishes for the Straw Hat Pirates.
Cook’s NoseYou can use the Cook’s Nose field skill of Sanji to find out the rare ingredients for the dishes.

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