Disney Dreamlight Valley Code Gives You 500 Moonstones for Free

Disney Dreamlight Valley developed by Gameloft has started giveaways to celebrate holidays which they call Season of Giving. For the next several days they will be giving away the codes to redeem in the game. On redeeming you will get different in-game rewards. Today they shared the code “SG2023”, which will give you the 500 Moonstones for free when you redeem it inside the game. It is the signal to the start of the holiday season and it is said that they will continue giveaways for the next several days.

It is very simple and easy to redeem the “SG2023” code to get 500 Moonstones. All you need to do is pause the game and go to the Settings Menu, you can select the Help Tab to locate the Code Input field. Moonstones are one of the useful in-game items that can be used for various purposes i.e. you can get things from Premium Shop, unlock premium track of the Star Path, or unlock cosmetic items in the game. The value of 500 Moonstones is about $1.81, so it is a good idea to get these for free.

Redeem 500 Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Such type of codes are seem to be time-limited but it has not mentioned that when the code become invalid. In this guide, you will learn how to Redeem “SG2023” to get 500 Moonstones for free in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Redeem a Code in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It is very easy to redeem an in-game code on Disney Dreamlight Valley as they gave many different codes in the past but not that often. Here is a step-by-step guide about how you can redeem a code in the game.

  • Go to the Settings in the Game Menu
  • There you can see the Help Tab
  • On the Help Tab, you will see a section to Input the Code to redeem.
  • Input “SG2023” to get 500 Moonstones for free.
  • You will be notified by the in-game mailbox that the code is redeemed successfully and 500 Moonstones are received.
How to redeem code in Disney Dream Light Valley

Note: It is not known yet for how long the “SG2023” code will remain valid.