Disney Dreamlight Valley- Dreamlight Day Quest

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a new adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, new biomes, new Gems, and new content. Each of the quests are interconnected to each other. It would help if you collected many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Many new quests are introduced as you purchase The Rift in time expansion.

Dreamlight Day quest is on list of the friendship quests. The player has to complete it to make progress in a game. Dreamlight Day quest is associated with Jack Skellington. As a reward, you will be granted Jack’s Santa Claus suit, Friendship 2200, and Oogie Boogie T-shirt.

Dreamlight Day Quest

First, you need to Decorate the Forgotten Lands, the Sunlit Plateau, or the Peaceful Meadow with the following items.

Orange Furniture5
Black Furniture5
Quirky Furniture3
Dreamlight Day Banner1

Move into the Furniture options, And press LMB on the first Jack Skellington icon. A list of items will appear with the filters on it, The Filter will make it easy to choose the items without wasting any time. First, you need to collect the 5 Orange furniture. Choose any of them and place them in a suitable place. After placing the orange items, move again into the Furniture option and click on the 2nd Skellington icon and a list of black furniture will appear. Choose any 5 of them and place them on accordingly or randomly. Now select the 4 lamps from the 3rd icon to complete the lighting items.

Select the Dreamlight Day Banner from the list and place it in front of all items. To complete the objectives of Quirky Furniture, you can select a few items.

  1. Helm Bookshelf
  2. Phial holder
  3. Sea snail shell

Now come in front of the banner, equip the camera, and take a picture with it.

Dreamlight Day Quest Taking Photo

Now after taking a pic, move and talk to Jack Skellington. Now you need to check on Vanellope in her house. The Vanellope house is beautiful, as from the exterior it is made up of Chocolates, beans, and candies. Move into her house and talk to Vanellope and the quest will be updated as you can see on your screen in the left corner. Removing the Candy skulls inside Vanellope’s House.

Equip the gardening shower approach towards the Candy skulls and water them as a result the Candy skulls will be removed. There will be 8 Candy skulls in the room. Water all of them and complete this part of the quest.

Enter Scar’s House to see the insult to his dignity

Now the quest will be updated again. It’s time for you to raid the scar’s house. There will be vegetables all over his place. There will be a total of 6 vegetable items in Scar’s house. Remove all of them. To remove the vegetable, you need to move close to the vegetable and press “E” to remove it. Do it with all the other 5 vegetables to complete this part of the quest.

Enter Scar’s House Dreamlight Day Quest

Now again the quest is updated. You need to remove the Cursed books in the following areas.

  1. Nea Olafs house
  2. Near the bridge in the Frosted Heights
  3. Near the dock on Dazzle beach

The Olaf’s house will be in the Forest of Valor near the sea. Approach there and see the books in front of Olaf’s house. Equip the camera and take a picture with it.

The Olaf’s house Dreamlight Day Quest

Now move near the bridge in the frosted Heights and see the book there on the right side of the bridge. To remove the book, equip the camera and take a picture with it. After removing this book, you need to rush toward Dazzle Beach. On the beach, near the dock, the book will be available. So, remove this book to complete this part of the quest too.

Dreamlight Day Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Move Minnie’s house to check on her

The quest will be updated for the final time and this time you are given two objectives that you have to complete. Firstly, you need to move out of her house and wear the Oogie Boogie T-shirt. Go to wardrobe after getting out of her house and get that green Oogie Boogie T-shirt.

Minnie’s house Dreamlight Day Quest

Now, Place the Oogie Boogie signs in each Biome in Dreamlight Valley. Go to Furniture options, press LMB on the Skellington quest icon, and select the Oogie Boogie sign. Put all the signs in every possible Biome in the Eternity Isle. If you place the Oogie Boogie sign in the wrong direction, and then you place them in the right location, it doesn’t work. You have to remove it by clicking MMB and then replace it with another Oogie Boogie sign.

Now one of the friendship quests is complete.