Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: Finding Home – Part 1 Quest guide

In the wonderful world of Pandora, players have many things to explore, main story, and side quests to complete. Apart from the main store or questline, there are many side quests to complete which offer many benefits like upgrading the weapons, new crafting recipes, or collecting different materials. Some side quests are pretty straightforward while some of them give very few hints. Finding Home is a kind of quest with vague hints and is completed in multiple parts. But this guide will help you to figure out Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: Finding Home quest.

Finding Home - Part 1 Quest guide

In this guide, you will see how you can complete Finding Home – Part 1 Ques in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. You will see only an image in your quest list and the objective is to find that location.

Finding Home – Part 1 Quest

Finding Home Quest will get started on interacting with a Computer Terminal located in the Silkwood, southeast of the Aranahe Hometree along the Threaded River. Inside the base, you will find a Computer Terminal. On hacking it with your SID, it will give a photo and information of RDA botanist in the area. To complete the Finding Home – Part 1 Quest, you need to find out the location of the photo.

The photo shown on the computer is now in your quest list as well. Here are a few clues about where the photo was taken.

  • The photo is taken in the Shadow Wood in Kinglor Forest
  • More precisely, it is in the center of the Tangled Stream

Now we have the clues about where the photo is taken. We need to find out SciOps Work Order 01 Container in the center of Tangled Stream in Shadow Wood. In the center of Tangled Stream, you will found a small island where the photo is taken.

To find out the location where the photo is taken follow the following steps.

  • Travel to the Shadow Wood, approximately 5km to the west of Silkwood.
  • During your exploration, you will see the Solitude Station Resistance Field Lab.
  • About a mile to the west of Solitude Station Resistance Field Lab, you will find SciOps Work Order 01 Container.

Get inside that cabin and turn right. There you will see a Comic Book. Pick it up and the Finding Home Quest Part 1 will be completed.

That’s all about Finding Home – Part 1 Quest. Finding Home will be completed in 11 parts and on completing each part players will get a Comic Book at the end. Completing all the parts and collecting Comic Books will unlock an achievement named Father and Son in the Stars.