Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Complete Glowing Up Quest |Friendship Quest

Glowing Up is the new quest available from Rapunzel after reaching level 7 friendship with Rapunzel. The Players who own A Rift in Time expansion can play Glowing Up quest. The player has to find Sundrop Petals with the help of the Map that Mother Gothel gives. Sundrop will lead the player to Rapunzel’s magic. The player also has to decorate the jungle.

Glowing Up Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Glowing Up Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Crafting Eternal Sundrop Charm

The players have to talk to Mother Gothel in The Courtyard which is the area of Wild Tangle Biome. Rapunzel’s magic comes from a rare bloom called the Sundrop flower. The players have to find the Sundrop petals with the map that Mother Gothel gives and take the Sundrop petals to someone who knows magic.

How to Find Sundrop Petals

Investigate the Old Isle Map in the inventory. Players have to find 4 Sundrop petals with the help of Royal Hourglass. Use the Royal Hourglass, and follow the particles moving in specific directions as the particle’s direction will lead the players to the nearest lost treasures. The players can find the Sundrop petals in the following areas.

  1. The Wastes
  2. The Oasis
  3. The Overlook
  4. The Grasslands
Sundrop Petals Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the Sundrop petal will be in the Southwest direction of the Wastes and the other will be in The Overlook area. The third Sundrop petal will be in The Grove. The fourth Sundrop petal will be in The Oasis.

Bring the Petals to someone skilled with magic. The player has to ask Merlin and Ursula because they know magic very well. Move into The Courtyard to talk with Merlin. Move into The Docks to talk with Ursula.

Where to Find Materials for Crafting

To craft Eternal Sundrop Charm, players must the following materials.

The players can get Dream Shard from all the biomes by removing Night Thorns, feeding critters their favorite dish, and digging Sparkling Holes. Dream Shard acts like crafting materials while crafting the recipes.

Simply equip the Pickaxe and start mining the nodes to Get Evergem. The nodes will be available randomly in The Ruins. Players have to break maximum nodes to obtain Evergem.

The Players can get the Skeleton Fish from the poles of water in the Glittering Dunes biome. Simply equip the fishing rod and start fishing only in the white ripples. Skeleton Fish can only be caught in the white bubbles.

Crafting Materials Sundrop Petals Disney Dreamlight Valley

The player has to use any crafting station to craft the Eternal Sundrop Charm. Select the Eternal Sundrop Charm from the potion and Enchantment section and press LMB on the Make option. Give the Eternal Sundrop Charm to Rapunzel.

Decorating a Campsite area in the Jungle

Move into The Grasslands and start decorating the campsite areas in the jungle. Place the following items.

Cozy Fire Pit1
Purple Seating2
Decorative Lighting4
Rustic Decorations3

After placing the decorative items talk to Rapunzel and go to Campsite with Rapunzel. Once the Talking with Rapunzel ends the Glowing Up quest will be completed.