The latest update in Disney Dreamlight Valley brings out a new exciting tool because of the rift in time expansion. Purchasing the expansion pass a rift in time will allow you to enjoy the new world, new content, new characters, and new biomes, and especially we will gain access to Royal Hourglass.


Royal Hourglass tool is really interesting with the superpower inside it.

Perks of Royal Hourglass

  1. Discovering the Secret Treasures is easy.
  2. Open time Rifts.

How to obtain Royal Hourglass

In the Eternity Isle, when we meet Eve, we get to know that Eve is guarding the Royal hourglass. Eve is the new character in the valley which is available due to a rift in time expansion. Completing the quests with Eve will allow you to progress near obtaining the Royal hourglass.

How to obtain Royal Hourglass

Below is the list of quests you need to complete to get Royal Hourglass.

  1. The Flying Metal nuisance
  2. Jafar’s second quest
  3. Goof’s quest
  4. Scrooge McDuck’s quest
  5. Give me a sign
  6. Condemned Building Sign

On completion of these quests, you will get the Royal Hourglass but it’s not that powerful. To make it powerful you need to upgrade the Royal Hourglass. To make the Royal Hourglass stronger version you need to complete other quests.

Using the Royal Hourglass Tool

Interacting with the Royal Hourglass will allow you to use it and complete the quests.

Using the Royal Hourglass to Find Treasure

You need to follow the sand which is a result of interacting with the Hourglass. Close you get to the treasure the sand will become darker. Upon sensing the Treasure, follow the direction of the sand. You will be indicated through the Hourglass how far you are from the treasure.

Color of the Royal Hourglass during hunting the treasure

  1. First it will be of Dark blue color
  2. Then as you chase the treasure and in the middle of the destination it will be yellow.
  3. It will of orange in color as you are tightly close to the treasure.
Color of the Royal Hourglass during hunting the treasure

As you discover the hidden treasure, keep pressing the Hourglass button to pull the treasure out of the time. If heading in the wrong direction, a notification will appear on the center of the screen that “There is no treasure in this area. Look elsewhere”.

Finding Treasure using Time Rift

You can also use the Time Rift to find the hidden treasure by interacting with it using the Hourglass. It provides you with a limited amount of time to find treasure. A circle pops up, as you use the Time Rift. You need to search for the treasure in that portion. Once you step out of the circle the time rift will vanish but you can reactivate by moving back inside that vanished circle.

What The Time Bending Table Can Do

Time Bending is the portion inside the Eternity Isle. Where all of the Treasures that you capture will be available. These treasures will be used during the gameplay for the completion of quests. While using your skills new items can be prepared by merging the items.

What The Time Bending Table Can Do

As you have a weaker Royal Hourglass, you can upgrade it from the time Bending Table.