Disney Dreamlight Valley- Directive Plant Quest Guide

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a new whole adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, and new biomes. Each of the quests is linked to each other. You need to collect many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Many new quests are introduced as you purchase The Rift in time expansion. The first new character in the game that you will befriend is Eve. You will find her in Eternity Isle. After completing The Flying Metal Nuisance quest, you will be able to befriend Eve.

Directive Plant Quest Guide

Directive Plant Quest

Eve has a problem with its scanner as Eve wants to scan the Mysterious plant that looks dry at home. Due to a fault in the scanner, Eve is unable to scan it. You need to design an accessory for a scanner inspired by Ancient’s landing using some local material. Open the quest log, to check which materials are required to complete the quest.

Items Required

  1. Ancient Gears with the Hourglass (3 Pieces)
  2. Mechanical Parts with the Hourglass (3 Pieces)
  3. Copper (10 pieces)

Copper is found by mining in any stone in the Eternal that is on the west of The Ruins. Ancient gears are found by using The Royal Houseglass. The ancient gears are available on any area on the map so it’s best to use the Hourglass. As you interact with Hourglass, it will guide you on the path that will lead you to the ancient gears. Collect the Ancient gear and Copper by using the Hourglass.

How to get Mechanical Parts

To get the mechanical parts you need to craft some material. Move towards the craftsman and interact with him. In the refined option, you see many materials that will be crafted to get the mechanical parts. The brass ingot is one of them. Select it and press LMB to make it. This will unlock some new recipes.

Below is the list of items that will be unlocked by crafting Brass ingot.

  1. Orange BBQ Tools
  2. Small Heap of reaches
  3. Medium Heap of reaches

This time we will craft the Bronze Ingot to get the mechanical part. Three new crafting recipes will be unlocked that are:

  1. Mechanical parts
  2. Red Bronze Pathway
  3. Green Cobra Statue
How to get Mechanical Parts - Directive Plant Quest Guide

You have to craft Brass Ingot and Bronze Ingot as well to get mechanical parts. Repeat the same procedure to get 2 more mechanical parts. Craft 2 more brass ingots and 2 more Bronze ingots and then we need to make mechanical parts select the Mechanical parts from refined material and click on the make option. Now we have the mechanical parts.

Handing over the Scanner Accessory to Eve

Now you need to craft the Scanner Accessory. Go to the Functional items area while interacting with the craftsman. You need to collect all the items required to make the Scanner Accessory. After you make the scanner accessory move back to Eve’s house.

Hand it over to the Eve. Now you need to inspect the Dreamlight Cobra Lily. Move into Eve’s house and there you will see Cobra Lily. Press “E” to investigate. As you approach it, the dying plant will regain some energy. Move back to Eve outside the house and she wants to give that plant more energy by collecting some items to bring back the Cobra lily to its original glory. Take the book from Eve.

Finding some food for Cobra Lily

Eve will ask for 3 ingredients. You need to hunt these them and bring them back to Eve.

  1. Sea snail
  2. Sandworm
  3. Scorpion

Sea Snails

Sea snails are found in blue bubbles. It can either be an Octopus or a Sea snail, So, quip the fishing rod. Get rid of white bubbles and start fishing as blue bubbles are showing up. Keep fishing in The Docks and The Overlook area.


Head towards the Glittering Dunes to search for the Sandworm. Move close to the water, equip the fishing rod, and start fishing the Sandworm when the red bubbles are showing up.

Sandworm Disney Dreamlight Valley


Scorpion will also be found on the same area as for the Sandworm. Start fishing when blue and pink color bubbles are pouring up.

Scorpion Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now move back to the Eternal area and you need to cook a plate of Gourmet Grubs. Interact with the stove to cook.

  1. Go to the quest
  2. Select Gourmet Grubs
  3. Click on the Autofill
  4. Click on Start cooking

Move back and find Eve to hand over the Gourmet Grubs and you have completed the Quest.