Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: How To Harvest Pristine Materials

In the wonderous world of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you should know how to do crafting to have the best of the best gears, weapons, and items to survive better. When harvesting the recourses, the quality of the harvested materials should be considered as it is directly related to the quality of the crafted items. Pristine materials are the most superior quality materials in the game.

Pristine Harvest Materials

This guide will explain about the Pristine Materials and how you can harvest them to have better quality of crafted items. It is important to know that harvesting the materials in rough way can damage the quality of the materials.

Quality of Harvesting Materials

In the world of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the quality of harvesting materials can be determined by two factors.

Environmental Conditions under which materials are harvested: Each material has it’s conditions to harvest it to the best of its quality. These are more likely the physical conditions of it. For example, day, night, dry, rain, etc.

Pristine: If the material gets harvested without any type of error then it is labeled as the Pristine. Harvesting the Pristine materials increases the quality of the crafted items.

The quality of the harvested materials depends upon the above two factors. If one of the above conditions either the Environmental Conditions or the Pristine condition is met then the quality of the material will be Fine. If both of these conditions are met like the optimal environmental conditions and the pristine condition, then the material will be of Superior Quality.

How to Harvest Pristine Materials

Harvesting Pristine Materials is not that difficult if you can learn the ins and outs of the harvesting mini-game. Understanding this will make you harvest Pristine materials consistently to have better crafts. There are mainly two types of materials you can harvest in Pandora – Plants and Animals.

How to Pristine Harvest Plants

For Plants, it is all about the expertise and methodology to pluck them at a specific angle for the Pristine Harvest. Plants should be plucked at a specific angle. The controller provides vibrational feedback once the correct angle is achieved. Plucking at the correct angle, you will get the Pristine Materials.

While harvesting, when you pick up a plant to pluck, you will see a small circle on the screen. On gentle pull to any direction, you will notice that a small patch in the circle is highlighted. This is the correct direction/angle in which you need to pluck the plant to have Pristine Harvest.

For controllers, the correct angle would be indicated by strong vibration.

Pristine Harvest Plants
The highlighted area in circle indicates the correct angle of pull.

How to Pristine Harvest Animals

For Animals, you will also be indicated the correct spot to fire for a better harvest. You can use Na’vi senses to scan the animals, an orange spot will be an indicator of the weak point. Hitting on that spot will provide you with a better quality harvest.

Harvesting Animals
Orange spot in animals indicates the weak spot to hit for clean kill.

Materials Gathering Complexity settings

We can adjust the materials gathering complexity gameplay settings to bypass the mini-game while harvesting. There are three Gathering Complexity settings Default, Low Difficulty, or Off.

  • Default Settings: These are the default settings of Gathering Complexity, nothing will change, and the area that gives Pristine Harvest will be the same as it is.
  • Low Difficulty: Setting Low Difficulty will broaden the area that gives the Pristine Harvest and hence it will be easier to have the Harvest Pristine Materials.
  • Off: Selecting this will disable the harvesting mini-game but you won’t be able to harvest Pristine Material.