Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – Crafting Guide

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora comes up with many features to explore Pandora which makes the journey even more exciting. Crafting is such a feature. You can gather the materials and crafting recipes or blueprint designs to craft many different weapons, ammunition, armor pieces or items to deal with the RDA troops.

How to craft in Avatar

While exploring the wonderous and massive world of Pandora, crafting is a crucial feature of the game to survive against the RDA and their technology. To have better survival against RDA and for better gameplay, you need better equipment in the game.

How to Craft in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

Crafting in Avatar can be summarized as follows.

Gathering Required Materials

Pristine Harvest Materials

To do crafting, you need to have certain materials with you. You can collect them from various sites in the Pandora during the exploration.

Quality of Materials plays an important role in crafting. When there is a recipe on the Crafting table, you may notice that Power range for a particular item you are going to craft. It directly relates to the quality of the materials.

Note: To craft the items with the highest power range, use “Pristine” materials.

Crafting Methods

There are two Crafting methods that you can use.

On-the-Move Crafting

On-the-move crafting is a type of crafting in which you don’t need the crafting table to do. It is a pretty handy method to do crafting. You can simply do crafting of some particular items during the combat or the movement. It is kind of quick crafting but the limitation is that you can only craft some selected items like ammunition.

Crafting Table

Crafting Table in Avatar

For the Crafting via Crafting Table, you need to locate and interact with Crafting Table. On interaction with it, you can see the crafting recopies and the materials required to do them.

Essential Things To Do Crafting

There are a few things that you need to have to craft a specific thing.

  • Crafting recipe
  • Materials for that recipe
  • Crafting table

To do crafting, the foremost thing we need to have is a crafting recipe. Players already have a few crafting recipes in the game but you can have more. There are two ways to get more crafting recipes.

Get Crafting Recipes by completing the quests or progressing the game: This is a simple method to get more crafting recipes or designs by progressing in the game or completing the quests, but it is not the fastest way.

Get Crafting Recipies from Na’vi Merchants: You can have more crafting recipes from the Na’vi merchants available throughout Pandora. You can see your recipes in the “Design” tab.

The recipes available to you depend upon your level and your reputation with other tribes.

There are three different scarcities of the Crafting recipe or blueprints.

  • Fine
  • Superior
  • Exquisite

The scarcer the design, the better materials you need to craft it. Each level needs specific materials to craft an item, you can use Hunter’s Guide to locate where to find the crafting materials.

In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, crafting falls into three categories.

  • Ammunition
  • Weapons
  • Armor pieces

How To Craft Ammunition

Crafting the Arrows and Spears is the most demanding ammunition you need to craft for many different arrow spears. It is very easy to craft arrows and spears as it only requires the sticks as material which you can get quite easily throughout the game.

There are some special ammunition that you have to craft for which you need to have some different materials.

To craft ammunition, you need to open your weapon wheel and then select the particular weapon for which you want to craft ammunition. Requirements to craft ammunition for that particular weapon will be displayed on the center of the wheel.

How To Craft Weapons And Armor Pieces

To craft weapons and armor pieces, first, you need to locate the crafting table. It will display all available designs for crafting. When you select a particular recipe or design, you will see the materials required to craft that particular item. After collecting the required material for that design, you can do the crafting.