Disney Dreamlight Valley- The Wild Tangle Swarm Quest Guide

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a new whole adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, new biomes, new Gems, and new content. Each of the quests are interconnected to each other. You need to collect many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Many new quests are introduced as you purchase The Rift in time expansion.

The Wild Tangle Swarm Quest Guide

The Wild Tangle Swarm Quest is required for the completion of the game Disney’s Moana and is very difficult to complete. Here’s the guide to completing Disney’s Moana and gaining access to the Dreamlight Valley.

The Wild Tangle Swarm Quest log

  • Give Gaston time to re-enter himself
  • Talk to Rapunzel
  • Check on Gaston
  • Find the Scarab piece
  • Explore the Wild Tangle

Check on Gaston

Give Guston some time to re-enter himself about 3 hours then he vanishes and comes back. He will be available on the west of The Plains. Whenever he is available you need to go and talk to him. He will guide you to talk to Rapunzel.

Talk to Rapunzel

When you meet Rapunzel. she will talk about some swarming insects. The swarming insects will be in the Grove. The Swarming insects will be available in The Grove in the south near the river. As you see the swarming insects you need to go Close to it to take a selfie with it.

Talk to Rapunzel Disney Dreamlight Valley
  1. Press LMB to move the camera.
  2. Press C to Crouch
  3. Press T to change image format
  4. Press E to take a picture
  5. Press V to change camera mode

Now after you take a selfie with the Swarming insects you need to go back to Rapunzel to show the picture.

But now she will ask for more items to collect to make Carnivorous Floral Arrangement You need to collect this stuff to complete the quest.

The items include.

  1. Green Flying Trap (4 pieces)
  2. Purple Fly Trap (4 Pieces)
  3. Red Pitcher Plant (4 Pieces)
  4. Yellow Pitcher Plant (4 pieces)
  5. Tropical Wood (12 pieces)

The green fly Trap will be available in the grasslands area. To collect the Tropical wood, you need to search them near the trees. press E to pick. Collect them as required. If you have items before, in your collection area. You need to drop that item and pick it up again to count in the quest requirement. The fly trap has 3 flowers on it. You are to collect the Green and purple Fly trap.

Talk to Rapunzel Disney Dreamlight Valley

Collect all the items required to give to the Rapunzel.

Crafting some Carnivorous Floral Arrangement

Rush towards the crafting table. In the Crafting Recipes. Go to the Furniture portion and select the Carnivorous Floral Arrangement. Click on the Make option on the right corner of the screen. The craftsman will make it into the best recipe. Also, select the Round white basket. You need to put it near the Bug Grove. Move towards the area where all the bugs are. Press F, Select the Carnivorous Floral Arrangement, and place it down. It may take some time for the bugs to eat them. In the meantime, go find Gaston and talk to him.

Finding Scarab Pieces

After checking on the Gaston move back to the Pedestal in the grove. You will find the Jungle Scarab Piece behind where you place the Carnivorous Floral Arrangement. Pick it up by pressing “E”. Head towards the Jafar in the Hologram station. You need the items to repair the Jungle Scarab Piece. Following is the list of these items.

  1. Rusty Jungle Scarab Piece
  2. Dream Shard
  3. Mist

We need 1000 mist. Collect all the mists in the areas where the majority of them are available. After collecting all the mists go to the Time bending Table. Interact with the table and press LMB on the quest. Tap on the Jungle Scarab piece and press the Make option. Now you need to talk to Jafar again at the Hologram table.

At last, the Wild Tangle Swarm quest is completed.