Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: How to Restore Health & Energy

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is an open world, RPG game which features to allow you to explore the huge lands of James Cameron’s Pandora. During the exploration, there are many activities the players have to engage with, which drain your energy and health like combat with RDA troops, fast travel across the map.

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The survival in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora lies in two key meters, Energy Meter and Health Meter. In this guide you will know about how to restore Health and Energy in the game.

How to Restore Energy in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

How to Restore Energy in Avatar
How to Restore Energy in Avatar

Engaging in any major activity in the Avatar drains your energy meter. Energy meter is very crucial in the game as energy is required for almost all the activities in the game. Low energy can disable fast travels, reduces carrying capacity, stops regeneration of health and thus lead to a bad gameplay. Here you will know how you can restore your energy.

In Avatar, eating food can boost your energy. There are two types of foods which you can consume to restore your energy.

Consuming Raw Food to Increase Energy

Consuming Raw foods can provide minor energy boost instantly. You don’t have to do anything besides eating the Raw food to have energy i.e. Bulbolf Fruit. Raw foods can be picked up or harvested in the game.

Consuming Cooked Food to Increase Energy

Cooked food gives considerable amount of energy boosts but it is not that much instant as for the raw food because it takes time to cook food at the campfires. For example Smoked Yoten Wings gives good amount of energy boost along with some other perks for a limited amount of time like expanded carrying capacity, extra health etc.

How to Restore Health in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Just like Energy meter defines the game dynamics throughout the gameplay, Health meter defines death or life in the game. Health meter depletes by getting damages from the combats, falling from big heights.

Health meter is directly related to Energy meter in terms of regeneration of health.

There are two ways to restore health in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

  1. Letting your health regenerates automatically with the energy meter.
  2. Consume a healing item to restore health.

There is a health regeneration mechanism in the game. Your health will regenerate automatically as long as you are having energy bar and are not taking any damage for a short period of time. However, you have to keep your energy bar high as the energy bar get deplete as the health regenerates.

Note: Consuming Raw foods or Cooked foods give energy boost in the game.

The second method of restoring the health is to consume some healing item. Consuming an healing item will give instant health boost without having anything to do with the energy bar.

Examples are Dapophet plants and craft earthy red medical kits.

Dapophet pods

Dapophet pods
Dapophet pods

Throughout the Pandora, you will see the Dapophet plants grown out there. You can find them near the water. Interacting with them will make them Dapophet pods stored in your health pouch for use when needed. Using them will give quick healing benefits without depleting the energy meter.

Note: You can keep two Dapophet pods with you at a time but unlock more space.

Craft Earthy Red Medical Kits

In the absence of Dapophet pods, these kits can be used to have similar health effects using merit points.

How to Increase Maximum Health in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Increasing health to maximum is always a good idea to survive even better in the Pandora and having a better gameplay. We can increase the health to maximum by two ways, finding Bellsprig flowers and unlocking Vitality perks.

Finding Bellsprig Flowers

There are some rare flowers you can found during the exploration in Pandora named as Bellsprig Flowers. Interacting with these will permanently increase your maximum health.

Finding Bellsprig Flowers
Bellsprig Flowers

Unlocking Vitality Perks

The other way to increase your maximum health is to unlock a specific perk in your skill tree. In the Memories of the Survivor, you have to spend your skill points to unlock Vitality Perks. There will be three of the Vitality Perks and unlocking all of them will increase your health by 180 points.