Where To Find Tin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The new updates in Disney Dreamlight Valley bring almost a new World to a game. New crafting materials are available that will be utilized during progression in different quests. It is important not to forget that all the crafting materials are hidden and cannot be easily obtained, while some will be found randomly and easily. Each of the crafting materials has its value in the game. So be careful with these crafting materials to use them wisely.

Where To Find Tin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Extraction of Tin

Each of the crafting materials is located in a separate location. Tin is located in the Eternity Isle in the Glittering Dunes. Now the main question arises whether the Tin will be available there. To get no doubt you need to get the Royal Hourglass from Eve. Having the Royal Hourglass will help you rebuild the broken bridge. Keep in mind that the only way that leads to the Glittering Dunes is from that broken bridge. So firstly, that broken bridge needs maintenance.

Venue of Tin

Tin is found in four different areas of Eternity Isle. Each of the areas are far away from each other. Tin can be found in the following locations:

  1. The wastes (North of The Oasis)
  2. The Oasis (West side of the map)
  3. The Borderland (East direction from the waste)
  4. The plains (East of The Oasis)

Tin is hidden inside the mining rocks in these areas. Head towards the Glittering Dunes and find the mining rocks. Approach them and take out the Royal Pickaxe. Hit the Pickaxe on the mining rock.

Venue of Tin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each rock in the Glittering Dunes will leave the 1 Tin after its being mined. So, find more of them and gather more Tin, which will help complete the quests and craft the other items. such as:

  1. Metal bar
  2. Blue camp tent
  3. Green camp tent
  4. Orange camp tent
  5. Purple tea set

If you need money, you can sell it. The tin value in the game is 25 Star coins. Try to save the Tin as much as you can to complete the quests in which Tin plays a big part for completion of it.