Enshrouded- How to Get String

Enshrouded is a survival video game in which the world is destroyed by the Shrouds. The players have to make this world a Worthy living place with the help of remaining items and resources. Enshrouded involves the crafting set within a voxel-based continent. One of the important resources that players have to craft is String. The string is used to craft Workbench and Axe. The string is considered to be the starting material of the enshrouded that can be obtained at the beginning of the game.

String Enshrouded

Here’s the Guide on How to Get String in Enshrouded.

How to Obtain String in Enshrouded

Like other resources, string is not obtained by cutting any tree or mining any rocks. The string is the kind of resource that can only be obtained by crafting. The players have to collect the Fiber from the regions in Enshrouded. Fiber is a natural material that can be obtained by harvesting trees and bushes. The Longkeep is the area where the majority of the trees and bushes are available. Simply approach any tree and bushes and Press “V” to Harvest. Each time harvesting will give you 2x Fiber and Twigs. However, the players can get 4x Fiber if players jump and press V to harvest.

Once the players, collect the Fiber by harvesting, the String will be unlocked and it can be crafted by opening the crafting menu. Press V to open the crafting menu and select the String from the crafting tab. String will be available in the resources section in the crafting menu. To craft the String, press the spacebar. Three plant fibers are required to craft 1x String. To use the String in the Enshrouded, press the “B” key to open the backpack and from there you can use the String.

Enshrouded Craft String

The other method to Get a String is by looting the tents that will be available near the starting area of the game. There will be some string Laying around but you can get a couple more if you break some of the stuff in the tents. Crafting the workbench will require a 3x String.