Enshrouded- How to Craft Workbench

Surviving in a world filled with demons required you to craft new materials and items to make living easier in Enshrouded. Many structures in this ruined world can only crafted by using the Workbench. Therefore, crafting the workbench at the initial stage of the game is necessary. Enhancing the durability of the weapons and the tools required to craft the workbench.

Craft Workbench Enshrouded

Here’s the guide on How to craft Workbench in enshrouded.

How to Craft Workbench

The players have to craft a workbench by collecting the required materials for its recipe. Unlocking the recipe for the workbench requires the players to collect the following materials from the world of Enshrouded.

String is the material that can be crafted from the crafting menu. To craft the string, players have to collect the Plant fiber. 3x Fiber is required to craft 1x String. Fiber can be obtained by harvesting the bushes and trees in a specific area. The Wood Logs are collected by cutting the trees with the help of Axe or looting the furniture made up of wood. The players have to use only Axe to cut the trees.

An axe is also crafted from the crafting menu. The players have to collect the stones, String, and Twigs for crafting an Axe. Stones can be collected from any region in the world and twigs can be obtained by harvesting plants and bushes.

Enshrouded Craft Workbench

Once the players collect all the required materials, open the crafting menu by pressing the “V” key and move into the crafting section. Select the Workbench and press the spacebar to craft it. Once the workbench is crafted it will be stored in the inventory section and the players can place it in the area of Flame Altar to craft new structures by using it. It is necessary to place the workbench inside the area of Flame Altar.

Damaged weapons and new structures can be crafted by interacting with the Workbench by pressing the “E” key. The players can craft blocks, craft new items, and repair the broken items by using the Level 1 Workbench.