Enshrouded- How to Get Metal Scraps

Metal Scraps are the materials that are required in crafting many recipes. The metal weapons, Scrappy Axe, Rising Fighter helmet, and all the other materials require Metal Scrap while crafting them. Metal scrap is a rare item and it can be obtained while breaking wooden furniture or looting it from ancient vaults. Searching the boxes and shelves can increase the chances of collecting the Metal scrap in Enshrouded.

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Here’s the Guide on How to Get the Metal Scraps in enshrouded

How to Get Metal Scraps

The players can farm the Metal Scraps by various methods. Knowing each method will help the players to get more Metal Scraps that can be further used in crafting Grappling Hook and other critical materials. The players’ inventory or Tiny Chest should be filled with Metal Scraps. The best place to collect the Metal scraps is the Scrapper Camps. In Enshrouded you will discover little encampments while adventuring. Move into these encampments and kill the enemies. Killing these enemies will drop the Metal Scraps. One to three metal scraps can be collected from the bodies when killing each enemy. Make sure you loot each body in the encounter.

The second method through which you can obtain metal scraps is by destroying all the stuff in the encampments. Smash every barrel, crate, and furniture with the help of Axe or Pickaxe. Breaking every item or any furniture will drop the Metal Scraps. Destroying every item in any region or area in the enshrouded will give you the Metal Scraps. A lot of furniture like Tables, bookshelves or any other item can drop the metal scraps upon destroying or smashing them with the tool. Cinder Vault is the area from where the players can get extra Metal Scraps at the beginning of the game.

Enshrouded Metal Scraps

You can also farm the Metal Scraps from the Ancient Vaults. The ancient Vaults can be located on your map. There will be NPCs inside the ancient vaults. When you discover the NPCs and the vaults, you’ll have them marked on your map. Move into the ancient vaults again and you will see the metal pods. To obtain the Metal scraps from the Metal pods, you need to break them with the help of Pickaxe or Axe. The Metal pods have high durability, but once you destroy them there will be a chance of dropping the Metal scraps.

The players need to have all of the extra metal scraps to craft new materials, especially in the blacksmith. While breaking every item, furniture, or metal pod by using the tool the players have to keep checking the durability of that tool or weapon. The players can repair the weapons or any tool from the Workbench.