Enshrouded- How to Get Pickaxe

Enshrouded is a survival video game in which the world is destroyed by the Shrouds. The players have to make this world a Worthy living place with the help of remaining items and resources. Pickaxe is the tool in Enshrouded that players have to equip to fight the demons scattered in the ruined world. Collecting stones and mining the nodes to get organic materials will be much easier when crafting the Pickaxe. A pickaxe is one of the starting tools that can be crafted from the crafting menu once the recipe for pickaxe is unlocked.

How to Get Pickaxe Enshrouded

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Pickaxe in Enshrouded.

How to Craft Pickaxe

To craft the pickaxe, the players have to collect the required materials. The pickaxe will help the players in mining the nodes to obtain the minerals that will be further used in crafting new recipes and making progress in the game. The required materials can be collected from out of the cavern area. The players have to collect the following required materials for crafting the pickaxe.

Stones are all scattered in the Longkeep area in the majority. To collect the Stone, find it on the ground of the Longkeep. Twigs can be collected upon harvesting the trees and bushes. Each time harvesting the bushes and trees will provide the players with Twigs. The string is also required while crafting the Pickaxe. The string can only be crafted from the crafting menu. To craft the String, players have to collect Plant Fiber. Fiber is the organic material that can collected upon harvesting the trees and bushes. 3x Fiber is required to craft 1x String.

Once the players collect all the required material for crafting the recipe, simply open the crafting menu by pressing the “V” key and move into the crafting section. Select the pickaxe from the Survival portion to craft. Pressing the spacebar will automatically craft the pickaxe and it will be added to the inventory.

Pickaxe Enshrouded

The players can open the inventory by pressing the “B” key and to equip the Pickaxe select the Pickaxe and drop it to the slots in the quick inventory. In case of emergency, players can quickly equip the Pickaxe by simply using the keys. The durability of the Pickaxe is not enough. The players have to repair the Pickaxe from time to time using the workbench.

Organic materials like minerals can be obtained by mining the Rocks with the help of a Pickaxe. The pickaxe will also provide damage to the demons and can also kill them. To reach the peak of any mountain, Pickaxe can be used as it will break the rocks that will be blocking the path.