GTA 5 SALES PASS 195+ MILLION COPIES: Take-Two Interactive

GTA 5 Sales Record

GTA 5 Sales are getting stronger day by day due to the hype of GTA 6. GTA 5 Has sold 195+ Million copies to date. GTA 5 is a worldwide game and is one of the biggest franchises of the Rockstar Games and claims to be the highest-selling game ever. The updated Sales figure is disclosed by the Rockstar Games Parent company and the Publisher Take-Two Interactive. On the release date over 11 million GTA 5 copies were sold and now it’s the start of 2024 and GTA 5 has reached the biggest milestone in the gaming industry.

@that1detectiv3 who is covering every GTA 6 and Rockstar Game-related content, posted a Tweet on X (Formerly named Twitter)

“GTA 5 has sold 195 million units, up 5 million from November 2023. The GTA series has now sold a total of over 420 million units. Crazy numbers”.

Today, on January 9th, 2024 Q3 Press Conference was released by Take-Two Interactive which shows the sales figures of Rockstar Games including GTA 5. On the other hand, 61 million copies were sold of the Red Dead Redemption. 86 million copies of the Red Dead Redemption series have been sold to date. However, over 420 million units have been sold of the Rockstar franchise to date. GTA 5 Sales Hit $1 Billion in Three Days after its releasing.

Many players prefer GTA 5 because of the Multiplayer option, the developer of this franchise releases the online update after every 1 week. @that1detectiv3 Posted a Tweet today (February 9, 2024)

“GTA Online has seen the highest number of new account registrations ever in the last 3 months, greatly exceeding revenue expectations. All because of the GTA 6 hype”.

Strauss Zelnick who is the CEO of Take-Two said “I do think that excitement around GTA 6 has had a halo effect on the entire franchise” while complementing GTA 5 sales and GTA Online achievement above the franchise Assumptions.