Helldivers 2 – How To Get Super Credits For Free

Starting the Helldivers 2, you realize that there are many currencies in the game and Super Credits is one of them. Super Credits is the Premium currency of the game which needs to be purchased with the actual money but you can also get them for free. It is a very useful currency with which you can purchase new weapons, gears of many different items.

Super Credits Helldivers 2

In this guide, you will see how to get Super Credits for free.

How to get free Super Credits

Super Credits, the premium currency are essential to have and can be used to purchase many new items to upgrade yourself for better gameplay. These can be purchased typically by spending the real money but you can also get them for free. It is not something that you can just find randomly and pick up but needs some effort to get them. You can get them by following the below methods.

Get Super Credits by using Warbonds

The first way to get the Super Credits is to purchase them by spending your Warbond medals. Warbond Medals are the rewards that you get on completing the missions. These medals are one of the game’s currencies which you can use in the Acquisition Centre. You can also spend your warbonds to get weapons, armor, cosmetics, or Super Credits.

Get Super Credits by Warbonds Helldivers 2

Note: Missions with higher difficulties give more Warbonds than the ones with lower difficulty.

Exploration During Missions

The second way to get the Super Credits is to explore the map during missions. You need to search for the caches and beacons on POIs and loot them while you are mission. Diamond-like icons on the map indicate the POIs which on searching give you different items like weapons, armor, Super Credits, etc. These POI sites can be crash sites or enemy-dense fields so be prepared when you are searching and exploring them.

How to get Super Credits Helldivers 2